You will need
  • pen; piece of paper; you do not need more CDs, magazines,badges, calendars; red clown nose; a computer with Skype.
Take a pen, sheet of paper and make a list of those you would like to see in your birthday, and who will have to say that you won't be here to celebrate it. Write in advance to the lucky ones included in the list of invitees, letters, or leave messages, which indicate that instead of gifts guests can come with their meal and drinks.
Think about the scenario of your holiday. One idea is an event in nature, in the case of good weather, with fun and simple contests where as Souvenirs you can give your guests all that is in your house: CDs, calendars, badges, read magazines, and all other simple, but sweet things clearly to someone so handy. If the weather disappoint, intellectually arrange home casino, have prepared a top and a list of interesting questions. Prizes the guests will serve as books from your library. Real friends who really love you will enthusiastically support your ideas, or even come with your thoughts and the holiday will be a success!
Don't be disheartened if you do not visit the Muse, and your friends list consists of only you and your cat. Day of birth, without money, alone is a wonderful and necessary experience. And yet, you can bring yourself and someone else happy. For example, go near a Playground, dressed as a clown and announce to the children that the clown's birthday today! Parents children will thank you for the opportunity for a couple of hours break from their children, cute chatting between them at a distance. And your new little friends and you sing and dance, tell verses, and you will remember this holiday forever. And in the evening, upon returning home, put your favorite music or watch your favorite movie.
Throw a virtual birthday party. Evening dress fancy and go to Skype or a social network, and there already and start celebrating - you will be vying to congratulate close and distant friends, and virtual wishes, toasts, gifts and kisses warm the heart and give a good mood is not worse than the real ones!
Smile and breathe in relief, if the question is about how to celebrate a birthday without money for you are absolutely not relevant. And go back to step 1 – take a pen, sheet of paper and make a list of those you would like to see in my birthday.