Advice 1: How to dress for your anniversary

Anniversary is a special celebration, festival. Therefore, it is important for every woman to choose the outfit on your occasion. The clothes of the hero of the occasion should certainly be beautiful and memorable. Such that guests are unable to tear his eyes away from the birthday girl that she admired.
How to dress for your anniversary
You will need
  • Outfit, shoes, accessories.
To start with your own style of outfit. It depends on the location of the festival. If you are going to celebrate their anniversary at a restaurant, you wear a beautiful evening dress. If the fashion club, in this case, it would be appropriate sparkly dress, a skirt (mini or Maxi), or fancy pants with some cute blouse. A win - win is the classic little black dress. It is suitable for a holiday in the restaurant and the party at the club.
Selecting clothing, please choose the shoes that are right under it. It is desirable that they were high-heeled shoes, for you this evening should be compelling and always be on top. You can pick black, white, gray or beige shoes. They will fit any chosen way. If you want to conquer the guests of your chosen shoes, choose bright colors. But remember that the choice must match your clothes.
Well, now you need to select the accessories. They can be different. For example, to the classic black dress will enjoy the exquisite gold chain. If you chose a non-classical variant, in this case, it is appropriate to a bright big jewelry. Also accessory can serve as a shawl and a small handbag.
And to complete the image of the hero of the occasion, make a beautiful hairstyle. You can pick up hair in a bun and straightening a few strands, you can dissolve them to make curls. If you can't do this on your own, contact the beauty salon. There will select the hairstyle that suits you and your outfit. You are now ready to anniversary and your image on it will be irresistible. You have seen that dress on their anniversary is not so difficult. Happy celebration!
Useful advice
Choose comfortable shoes, because you are the hostess of the party. You this evening will have to meet each guest to pay much attention to those who came to your party.

Advice 2 : What you need for a romantic dinner

To avoid boredom in a relationship, you need to add a bit of magic, romance and surprises. A romantic dinner for two will be a real gift for your other half will allow you to relax and get pleasure from communication with each other.
What you need for a romantic dinner

If you decide to surprise your partner with a romantic dinner, try to have this event was a surprise for him. To pass the evening without the "puncture", it should be arranged in advance. Preferably, if the alleged event will be a day before the weekend: so you don't have early in the morning to go to work, and you will be able to relax. In addition, it is recommended to check with your loved one's plans for the day and to hint that in the evening it is waiting for a pleasant surprise.

If you decide to have a romantic dinner at home, care should be taken to give the customary interior to be more romantic and sensual atmosphere. Very impressive will look a path from the front door to the festive table, laid out rose petals and small candles. This decoration will cost is not cheap, but the effect is amazing, from giving the mood for romance.

Pay special attention to the table setting. Decorate it with candles, flowers (they should be quite a bit – enough to be one of the beautiful roses), put a bottle of good champagne or wine, turn on relaxing music. If you decide to put on the table a bouquet of flowers, it is not necessary to place it between you so he will hinder communication.

After a romantic dinner should not be feeling of heaviness in the stomach, which is why preference should be given light foods. It is best to include in the menu more seafood, vegetables, fruits. Products such as rice, fish, oysters, crawfish, greens, almonds, avocado assimilated by the digestive system. Moreover, they are aphrodisiacs, natural stimulants of sexuality. As dessert is perfect with ice cream, strawberries, banana or mango. Food should be just enough to satisfy hunger, but to the very process of absorption of food does not interfere with the communication. You should not eat alcoholic beverages, it would only take one bottle of wine or champagne.

This evening you should create a cozy, welcoming communication environment, to even the most shy person could feel next to you comfortable and confident.

Advice 3 : How to make a romantic dinner at home

In ordinary life, a little rest, a sense of fun and celebration. About romance back in the day most people are plunged into the everyday worries, remembered with a slightly nostalgic sigh. Where tenderness and affection? Where the charm of anxious nights under the moon and stars? You see, without romance life is hard because you lose something important for the soul. Try to return the wonderful moments - start with a romantic dinner.
How to make a romantic dinner at home
Planning a romantic dinner, make sure that your event will not be upset from-for employment of your spouse. Better to ask if your partner is free this evening; you can even ask to defer or postpone a not very important matters for another time, so that you have the opportunity to be alone.
Pay special attention to menu planning, because your event requires, above all, eating. Hardly worth it to cook something time-consuming and time-consuming, because you need time to relax and look after themselves to look this evening at one hundred percent. It is impossible to cook also difficult for the body fat meals. Based on your preferences: what you both love, and serve. Well, if you know a lot about spices and seasonings. In addition to an improvement in the taste of any food many of them can serve as a good aphrodisiac.
Take care and beverages. Well, if you know the tastes of your partner – then you can't go wrong. But the best choice, as always, will be red wine for meat dishes and white for fish. If you like stronger drinks, can make cognac. Beer and champagne should be reserved for other occasions.
For table use stimulating the appetite combinations of colors. Experts advise to stay on the pink, red, orange, white and black colors. Always looks elegant and solemn snow-white tablecloth, and the dishes can be, for example, black or orange, a vase with flowers (only a little!) red or if the flower it is red in color, made of transparent crystal. View in advance how it will harmonize what you want to see on the table.
By the way, is not to overload the table with utensils. It should be a minimum of only the necessary things. If something does not fit, use an additional table.
Usually during a romantic dinner, use candles to create a more trusting, intimate environment. To put them or not – you decide. Maybe for you it will be enough of a floor lamp in the corner of the room or wall sconces.
If you have an oil burner, you can add romantic atmosphere with drops of essential oil. But remember that the chosen fragrance must not be sharp and must like you and your partner. A good addition may be the quiet, background music, tune you on romantic mood.
The outfit must be chosen such that you feel comfortable, and most importantly, that you have invited the person feel uncomfortable and awkward, like at the reception.
Arranging a romantic dinner, forget the troubles, problems and worries. Think only about nice things. Tune in to relaxation and love.
Try to plan a dinner on the eve of the day, to be able to rest, because it is unknown when and how it will end.
Useful advice
Also take care that no one noticed his sudden appearance – better to have no relatives, children or friends in the evening was not at home.

Advice 4 : How to choose a dress for a first date

The first date is a moment in every girl's life causing excitement. In most cases it will depend on the development of relations in the future. A few important things: what to say, how to build a conversation and what is the date to come. The woman need to get from this meeting a positive effect, it is very responsible to the choice of attire.
How to choose a dress for a first date

Dress on a first date - a win-win, because it is feminine and very impressive. Most importantly, do not overdo it with effects and choose it more modest. There are evening dresses, cocktail and casual. Dress for every day, tend to be modest, not bright colors, and very comfortable to wear. Evening dresses are more suitable for romantic dinners or celebrations, cocktail parties, festivals and clubs. For a first date it is better to choose a simple dress pleasant tones.

If the girl slender legs, you can choose the length shorter, to keep the style of "modesty". Chest and arms must be covered. Big lush Breasts really should cover up, otherwise the interlocutor, the entire evening will not tear away from her eye, instead of to carry on a conversation with a woman. A shallow neckline and open hands, of course, valid, but then the length of the dress should be below the knee. We can say that it is a persistent rule is that you cannot open the chest, arms and legs at the same time. It will look may be sexy but vulgar and indecent.

The color of the dress is just as important. The woman is modest and loving to attract a lot of attention, it is better to choose a dark, severe tone. For a gentle and open nature, as a rule, perfect warm, bright or pastel colors. In order to emphasize your figure, wear formfitting dress, because in it the woman would look sexy. If there are flaws, such as small tummy, then in this case choose dress free cut, which is ideal to hide these flaws.

To dress for a romantic date is better to choose flat shoes or high boots. It will depend on weather conditions. If the range of shoes small, classic black pumps are ideal for almost any dress. Black pumps will look strictly and attractive.

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