You will need
  • Outfit, shoes, accessories.
To start with your own style of outfit. It depends on the location of the festival. If you are going to celebrate their anniversary at a restaurant, you wear a beautiful evening dress. If the fashion club, in this case, it would be appropriate sparkly dress, a skirt (mini or Maxi), or fancy pants with some cute blouse. A win - win is the classic little black dress. It is suitable for a holiday in the restaurant and the party at the club.
Selecting clothing, please choose the shoes that are right under it. It is desirable that they were high-heeled shoes, for you this evening should be compelling and always be on top. You can pick black, white, gray or beige shoes. They will fit any chosen way. If you want to conquer the guests of your chosen shoes, choose bright colors. But remember that the choice must match your clothes.
Well, now you need to select the accessories. They can be different. For example, to the classic black dress will enjoy the exquisite gold chain. If you chose a non-classical variant, in this case, it is appropriate to a bright big jewelry. Also accessory can serve as a shawl and a small handbag.
And to complete the image of the hero of the occasion, make a beautiful hairstyle. You can pick up hair in a bun and straightening a few strands, you can dissolve them to make curls. If you can't do this on your own, contact the beauty salon. There will select the hairstyle that suits you and your outfit. You are now ready to anniversary and your image on it will be irresistible. You have seen that dress on their anniversary is not so difficult. Happy celebration!