Usually everything goes on as usual: first, the ceremonial greetings and warm words of the celebrant, laudatory toasts, presentation of gifts and wishes for continued success. Then comes the feast, with songs and dances and the celebrant is often overlooked. In order to make the completion of the program, try to apply these tips.
First, carefully consider the scenario. To work on a few people. Not to miss anything. Practice all the time, which is assumed to greetings, toasts, contests, dancing.
Ensure that the guests are not very fond of alcohol. Because then a wonderful date can turn into a binge where you absolutely forget the reason for going.
Offer often off the plates and come out to participate in various competitions and draws. So guests quickly get to know each other and you will reign festive friendly atmosphere.
Prepare fun and different competitions in which it would be interesting to participate to all, not just a few of the most active. Alternate them with active games.
Let the host, who is engaged in the conduct of the evening, as often as possible reminds you of the celebrant, uncovers not only his professional qualities, but also emotional. Acquaint all guests with the family of the celebrant and the family will present employees and colleagues birthday.
Usually before the end of the anniversary of make a big cake with candles. Gather all guests in a circle, let each one tell one warm word-the wishes of the celebrant. And that, in turn, blowing out all the candles, cut the cake and handed everyone a piece of thanks for the evening together.
Very good when at the end of the evening, guests will sing their favorite song of the birthday boy, for this you can even pre-distribute the prepared word.
Before you leave, again take a photo of, with the promise to all guests to hand over the photos.
And to round off the evening with fireworks. When all the guests gather at the exit, make a real salute in honor of the jubilee.
This festive evening will long be remembered by myself and the guest of honor and all invitees. For a long time they will remember and to thank the host of the celebration for the delivered moments of pleasure.