Hired Manager of an educational institution

The headmaster – the head and the "face" of the educational institution. In the modern sense, the Director of the school, in fact, is a hired Manager of the educational institution. This position is appointed, not elected. The responsibility of the Director is numerous issues directly related to the activities of the institution: management of teaching and other staff, students, economic, financial and legal aspects.

There are certain requirements for the person applying for this position. These include: higher professional education, work experience not less than 5 years teaching and Supervisory positions the appropriate level of training and certification. The appointment of the Director of the school welcomed not only the highest teaching, but also management education. Appoints the headmaster and frees him from his post, the founder of the educational institution. The school Director may be appointed by the working of his deputies, or "from outside".

Control over the activities of the educational institution Director

If the school is public, the founder is the Department of education of the city or municipality represented by the head of that office. By the employer to the Director of the school is the Department of education, it concludes with him a contract of employment and sets the wage. The wage of a Director is determined based on the average wage of pedagogical staff. If the school is private, then the founder can be private legal entities and individuals. In this case, the settlor enters into with the Director of the employment agreement and sets the wage. The employment contract with the Director of the school can be both definite and indefinite. The founder supervises the activities of Director and companies in General.

The founder of the educational institution may also appoint a Supervisory Council which exercises control over the professional activities of the Director, educational process, financial resources, large transactions and so on. The Supervisory Board approved by the founder of the educational institution in form of an order.

The school Director carries administrative and criminal liability. The Director can also be dismissed by the court.