Certainly when calling with a complaint, you will spend a lot of time. The most effective way is to complain in writing. Find out in what state body you should send a complaint to the Director of the school, location of the organization, the names of the responsible persons.
Turn first to the district education Department, which reports directly to the school, where the objectionable Director. If within seven days of the complaint remained unanswered, please send it in an upstream inspection (city, regional Department of national education, Department of education, the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation), the Prosecutor or the court.
Make a complaint correctly, observing the law requirements. It is better to set the text of the complaint on the computer.. Write without spelling mistakes, without the help of a dictionary. Complaint errors the officer will not perceive seriously.
Specify the full and exact name of the educational institution, the Director of which you complain. Express thoughts briefly, only for violation of specific rules the Director (no emotional reasoning) with indication of names of complaining people and Director.
Polite words, ask them to take measures to eliminate illegal actions of the Director. State clearly what you want to achieve after trial. Put your signature and date. Make a copy of the document.
Take the complaint personally to the respective institution. In reception it must register with a mark on the incoming date on the copy of a copy. Take the phone number of reception at which you will be able to learn the position and name of the person dealing with the complaint. Or send the complaint via registered mail.
On the website of the Ministry of education submit a complaint to the Director in electronic form.