The procedure of meeting the head and staff included in the scope of business etiquette so it is regulated by rules peculiar to him. You will act as a mediator, a third party, the official and well known to both parties. To provide head start with a notation of his status, surname, name and patronymic.
Indicate in General terms his working career, starting from high school, where he graduated. Tell us how he started his career, on what companies and what positions he worked. Describe the tasks and the projects on which he worked, if you have scientific or practical publications, tell us about them.
The team is, in fact, a second family, so it will not hurt if you are representing the head of the team with whom he will work, tell about his marital status, what does your wife if there are children. Of course, all of this should be stated very briefly and in General terms.
The procedure for submitting the head should be and his familiarity with the team with whom he will work. In this case, you should take into account gender, age, the prestige and authority of each of those you will represent. Start with those who played key roles in the unit and those who are working for a long time, uses a deserved authority and respect.
If the team is large enough, the view you can limit the listed persons. Enough to call and submit to the head of 5-6 people, because all members of the team, he still can hardly remember it. Imagine him mandatory of those who would be his deputies or assistants.
Complete acquaintance of the head with the collective wishes of productive work. Such representation will facilitate the process of habituation and will set up a collective business.