If you are going to leave for medical reasons, you will need to provide evidence that during the semester you do not attend classes due to illness, at least for 30 days. Particularly strong evidence in this case will be the reference and extracts from the histories obtained at hospital. So if you've decided to leave after this semester in "Akadem", references (f-027у and f-095у) should be reserved in advance, not in the last days of the session, which you have, that is, not specified. In addition, your illness really should be serious enough (injuries, chronic diseases in acute phase, lesions of internal organs, requiring surgery) to the University management went to meet you. No problem it only provides leave for pregnancy and childbirth.
If you are going to take a sabbatical for family reasons, get ready for some serious resistance on the part of the administration of the University. If you are a nonresident student, then take leave to care for seriously ill relative you are unlikely to succeed. Sometimes the administration, alternatively, can offer you be transferred to a correspondence Department. Usually, if the situation is really a stalemate, it is better to choose this option than expulsion from the University for academic failure. Although young mothers in the provision of leave to care for a child up to 3 years are usually not denied.
The difficult financial situation of the family might be the reason for academic leave students who are on paid tuition or nonresident students. Although the latter is also sometimes a variant of the "." or even financial support from the trade Union (if the student manages well in all subjects). For other categories of students, the administration may find many reasons for failure.
"Other reasons", which is the basis for receiving the "Academy" is a force majeure (flood, fire, etc.), which at this time is to continue learning is not possible. In this situation, the administration may deny or, at least, to offer a place in a hostel for a specified period, if, as a result of force majeure, the student just became the place to live.
After all, supporting the weight of the reasons for the sabbatical, are collected, contact the Dean's office and write a statement. Written statement addressed to the rector of the University. Specify the name, degree, title, your name, group number. Ask him to grant you an academic leave, specify the period for which you need it, and the reason for requiring a break in training. If you are entitled to some payments during this period, be sure to mention this. If you are a nonresident student, write and the rejection of the hostel during the vacation, with the right of priority of settlement at the end of the due date.
If you take a vacation for medical reasons, please include the following documents:

- help f-027у (extract from the patient card);
- help f-095у (sick leave);
- positive conclusion of KEK (the clinical expert of the Commission) or certificate from the antenatal clinic (for academic leave and maternity leave).
If you want to leave for any other reason, prepare conclusions of experts of fire supervision, environmental supervision and etc. in order to motivate the lack of opportunities to continue learning at the moment.