Signs of a shattered nervous system

The human nervous system needs help, when there are: irritability, insomnia, anxiety without cause, unstable mood, systematic headaches, poor appetite or decreased performance. All of these factors, if not see them, often lead to diseases of the nervous system, and in some cases nervous breakdowns.

To diseases of the nervous system include: nervousness, irritability, depression, chronic fatigue, headache, chronic inflammation of nerves or pinched. The only means to cope with all the manifestations does not exist, positive results can only give a comprehensive treatment that includes treatment of opportunistic diseases. In addition, a significant proportion attention should be paid to recreation, sport, physical work and creation of a comfortable psychological atmosphere around him, and positive mood and communication with nature.

Sedative drugs of plant origin

Among drugs for the nervous system in a special way emit sedatives. Such sedative, acting in a soothing manner on the nervous system, are of vegetable origin and, in comparison with tranquilizers, have a softer action. They help relieve emotional stress and easier to go through a stressful situation. Thus, among the most well-known sedative herbal medicines isolated Valerian, Corvalol, motherwort herb and tincture of a peony.

Such funds have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and significantly reduce the impact of stressful situations on the human body. But relying solely on them is not necessary, you should also pay attention to adaptogens – drugs that target the Central nervous system, can improve the body's resistance to stress and to adverse environmental influences. The most known are adaptogens – tincture of Eleutherococcus and ginseng extract.

An excellent tonic effect on the nervous system have a tincture of lemongrass, leuzea, aralia or devil's high. Before you take drugs to balance the nervous system, it is mandatory to consult with the doctor who will choose the most appropriate tool, because even herbal, soothing the nervous system, the funds have certain contraindications.