How useful motherwort tincture?

Motherwort has a beneficial effect on the Central nervous system, is able to normalize the level of cholesterol in the blood. Especially appreciated are the flowers of motherwort, they concentrated a large amount of nutrients.

Motherwort tincture is often done on alcohol. For its preparation using a mixture of flowers and green parts of the plant. To achieve a positive effect it is necessary to take the tincture regularly for at least months, only then you will feel the beneficial effect of motherwort. However, if your goal – the struggle with insomnia, then the result will not keep itself waiting long. Even the smell of Valerian promotes relaxation and sound sleep. Though motherwort tincture and is of vegetable origin, to betray her is not recommended.

Application of tincture of hawthorn

It is an effective remedy for those who suffer from disorders of the heart muscle and high blood pressure. Hawthorn tincture can be useful for women suffering from symptoms of menopause. Hawthorn has a wonderful relaxing effect and can help to strengthen the immune system. That is why cosmetics are so useful for those who have suffered serious illness or injury.

Also, this medicinal plant can quickly get rid of edema by removing excess fluid from the body. Tincture take 25 drops three times a day, preferably before meals. Like other tools, hawthorn has some contraindications do not abuse them, because it is a very strong stimulator of heart activity.

What helps Valerian tincture?

The use of this drug is a good prevention of hypertension, allows to get rid of headaches. Perhaps the most beneficial effects of Valerian tincture has on the human nervous system. If you are too irritable, short-tempered, or suffer from sleep disorders, Valerian is just what the doctor ordered.

It is believed that the most tangible result of Valerian tincture gives when combined with other drugs. This tool must be taken immediately before meal, diluted in a large quantity of water. Optimal dosage is 30 drops three to four times a day.

If you are taking Valerian in combination with other drugs, it is necessary to specify the dosage of the doctor. Do not give the tincture of Valerian to children under the age of 12 years. Remember that regular intake of Valerian can affect your ability to control the car, reduced attention and ability to concentrate.