In everyday life there are many factors that depress the nervous system and interfere with normal sleep patterns, change overall health. If you're prone to stress, are prone to excessive feelings, it is necessary to take drugs that enhance the resistance of nerve cells in the emotional excitement, without their reception is impaired sleep, developing hypertension and other ailments. Anti-anxiety medications called sedative, among them highlighted the group of herbal medicinal products.
The most simple pills that help nerves, is the group of sedative drugs of plant origin. The main representative of this group is "Valerian Extract". This medicine with essential oils, relaxes the nervous system and promotes natural sleep, it can be consumed during pregnancy. When taking Valerian don't expect quick action, this drug should drink 2-3 week course of 1 tablet 3 times a day. Other herbal sedative drugs definitely contain in their composition Valerian root.

Sedative preparations include "Persen", it consists of Valerian, Melissa and mint. This drug not only relaxes the nervous system, but also relieves spasm of the peripheral vessels, therefore has a fast effectiveness. It is recommended to take it under strong stress, for example, if you are in serious trouble at work, or has experienced the loss of a loved one. Remember that this medicine can be used only for persons older than 12 years, the pills should not exceed 2 months, the daily consumption of pills not more than 5 pieces.

Following the sedative plant based - "Season", it contains in addition to the Valerian extract, hop cones, therefore, has a pronounced calming effect and is conducive to sleep.

Capsules "Novo-passit" are composed, in addition to Valerian, lemon balm, St. John's wort, hawthorn, elderberry and hops, so have a rapid and persistent sedative effect.
Pills that contain sodium bromide are sedative drugs. This chemical compound normalizes the process of inhibition and excitation of the Central nervous system, therefore gives you peace of mind. Sodium bromide is often produced in the form of powder or suspension in tablet form you'll find "Adonis-Brom".
A stronger effect on the nervous system processes possess neuroleptic drugs. Pills this group of drugs have a pronounced antipsychotic effect, often used in psychoses and neurotic States. The neuroleptic drugs, "Chlorpromazine", "Moditen", "Triftazin", "Eglonil", all those pills the doctor prescribes, you can take them only under medical supervision.