Take ginseng for the prevention and treatment of neurosis, insomnia, increased anxiety, sexual disorders and immunodeficiency. Use it in the postoperative period and during recovery after prolonged illness. Ginseng is also effective as a means of enhancing performance and endurance, and indispensable for mental and physical fatigue.
In as a preventive measure is most often used a tea made from ginseng root. To cook tablespoon dried minced raw pour a glass of boiling water. Insist healing drink for 10 minutes, then strain and drink it. Well, if you combine the consumption of tea with meals — this will ensure better absorption and more pronounced therapeutic effect. Drink this healthy drink thrice a day for one month — it will protect the body from disease at the height of the SARS epidemic and after surgery.
A decoction of the root of ginseng has a more pronounced effect, so it can be used as immune-stimulating remedies for colds. This drink promotes rapid recovery, especially if treatment is started in the first hours after onset of symptoms. Three tablespoons of dried and crushed root pour a glass of cold water, boil on a slow fire and allow to cool to a temperature of 37-40°C. Before use, strain. Drink the resulting broth during the day in three reception.
For the treatment of neurological diseases, the most commonly used ginseng extract. It is possible to prepare yourself (infuse 30 g of crushed root in a liter of vodka for 14 days) or buy ready-made pharmaceutical preparation. Drink 20-30 drops medication 2 times a day. In sleep disorders take an extra dose of the tincture at night.