What medications can be taken

Any medicinal intervention must come from the attending physician. It is impossible to independently assign itself the treatment. Even seemingly harmless herbs can damage the health, especially, improper use and application.

In pharmacies without a prescription you can buy the following drugs to calm shattered nerves:

- "Persen";
- "Perseved" (equivalent of "Persona");
tincture of Valerian (tablets);
- tincture of motherwort;
- tincture of lemon balm;
- tincture of mint;
- the sage;
- tincture of peony;
- liquid extract of passionflower.
Remember that any sedative drugs lower blood pressure.

Most of the drugs to calm contain in their composition Valerian and mint. But a single dose cannot be cured. You must take these medicines at least a month. Thus it is necessary to take into account the individual tolerability to each component. You should know that long-term use of Valerian may cause constipation. Therefore, people suffering from this disease, the prolonged use of preparations based on Valerian are not recommended. In any case, consultation with a doctor is needed.

Sold in pharmacies and special soothing collection. It is composed of:

- peppermint leaves is 33.3 grams;
- the leaves of the trefoil water – 33,3 grams;
- rhizome with roots Valerian – 16.7 grams;
- stems of hops – 16.7 grams.

Two tablespoons collection brew boiling water (400 ml). Infuse for about 20 minutes. Then strain and drink morning and evening half a Cup.

Folk remedies to soothe the nervous system

To calm nervousness and to relieve irritation can tea of mint, lemon balm, yarrow, marjoram, thyme and St. John's wort in equal proportions.

As a remedy for insomnia and anxiety you can use natural honey. For this it is enough one teaspoon of honey wash down with warm water or milk. A stronger effect can be achieved by drinking warm herbal tea from the soothing collection.

Lovely soothing effect has infusion of motherwort. You can cook it in this way: 3 tablespoons of motherwort zaparivayut boiling water (200 ml). Medicine insist 20 minutes and filtered. To drink infusion is necessary for the morning and evening for 15 days tablespoon.

An infusion of thyme will help not only soothe, but also to strengthen the nervous system. To cook it quite simply. One teaspoon of herbs pour boiling water (200 ml) and infuse for half an hour under the hood. Drink before bedtime, adding to the drink a little honey.

Good relaxing and soothing hot drink made from fireweed. Teaspoon herbs steamed Cup of boiling water and leave to infuse for ten minutes. You can optionally add a little honey, then drink will be more fragrant and useful. Drinking this tea can be quite a long time.