Start the morning with a contrast shower. He will restore strength, improve health, lift your spirits. After washing with warm water wash over himself from the cold. No need to rush to dry off, feel the rush of heat against the skin and feel fresh. In the evening before bed can make coniferous or salt bath.
If you feel that you it became difficult to cope with the workload, try to take a vacation or at least refrain from part of their duties. In this state, excessive stress at home or at work is simply dangerous. Try to avoid those situations which may bring negative experiences or strong emotions. Do not carry colds or flu on their feet, such unnecessary heroism will trigger a new attack.
Learn to relax. To do this, you can learn a variety of techniques, for example yoga or meditating. Do not skimp on sleep. Night, the man regains his strength, and in is a "setting" of the nervous system. Therefore, you sleep is a necessity and the best cure.
Take vitamins, they are able to strengthen the nervous system and protect it from destructive factors. For example, vitamin a slows the process of deterioration of nerve cells and normalizes sleep. Vitamin C improves mental performance and protects against stress and anxiety, contributing to the production of special anti-stress hormones. Vitamin E is recommended to use in strong physical exertion, it is necessary for the good functioning of the brain, improves health and promotes good health. Vitamin B1 is often advised to take people suffering from frequent depression, it relieves anxiety and helps to focus.
You will have to give up Smoking and drinking alcohol, because nicotine can cause spasm of cerebral vessels, and alcohol has a negative effect on the vegetative centers of the brain, thereby destroying the nervous system of man.
More are in the sun, after all, no wonder depression is often itself takes place in the spring, as soon as the spring sunlight. Even during operation, most try to go outside and enjoy the fresh air, to look at the sun.