Try daily to carve out some time for full relaxation, distraction from everyday problems. Make yourself comfortable in your favorite chair, light some candles, turn on some soft music. Breathe smoothly, quietly, imagine each exhale takes you from the negativity, it burns the candle flame turns into smoke.
Nervous system is normally restored only in the case if your sleep is complete. It will have to abandon tight evening snacks, watching stimulating TV shows or movies. Very well, if you'll leave the night open a window: fresh air will help you sleep quickly and deeply acts in a positive way.
Pay attention to the food. It should consist of natural products to enrich the body with useful vitamins and microelements. Exhausted nervous system especially needs calcium: its deficiency leads to excessive irritability, irascibility, tearfulness. Therefore, eat beets, cabbage, beans, almonds, milk, cheese – all these foods contain calcium.
Increase resistance to stress, help to withstand strong tension vitamins of group B. They are rich in brewer's yeast and green vegetables: cabbage and broccoli, spinach. Also lean on oranges, bananas, peanuts, mushrooms, tomatoes.
To restore the nervous system and the necessary physical activity. Very useful for Hiking at a vigorous pace. Brisk walking helps normalize the breathing, builds the blood vessels, stimulates appetite and promotes good mood. Effective in this regard, and swimming, Cycling, the usual morning exercises.
Perhaps most importantly in the nervous system recovery – positive emotions, good mood, bright. More do more of what brings you pleasure, communicate with nice people and enjoy wonderful moments, smile at life and it will smile to you in response.