Advice 1: How to choose a sedative

Poor health in humans can be caused by nervous tension, stress, lack of sleep. If you can not handle yourself, come to the aid of sedatives. They should be selected on the basis of the causes of ailments.
How to choose a sedative

Need to find out the cause of the disorder

Some sedative drugs designed for insomniacs, the other for those who live in constant stress and disorders. Therefore it is necessary to articulate what is troubling, and only then go to the pharmacy. Every day on the nervous system has a strong impact. Most often, the stress experienced by people with an active lifestyle who cannot sit still, they are in contact with a huge number of people.

Drugs based on herbal components

If a person understands that his strength is leaving, you need to think about the reception of sedative drugs. It is better to consult with your doctor so he can prescribed effective therapy based on the patient's history. For self-treatment, you should choose the products based on vegetable components. The composition can have the following herbs: lemon balm, mint, Valerian, motherwort. They are most often found in herbal fees, teas and tinctures. Drugs dispensed at the pharmacy without a doctor's prescription. Not reduce performance, almost have no side effects. Only talking about individual intolerance of separate components.
For fast and effective recovery after stress it is best to obtain the advice of a doctor.

A man leading an active way of life, do not want every time to brew some fresh tea, to do the infusions at home, so any sedative you can buy in the pills and take according to instructions. "Persen", "Novopassit", infusion of Valerian, "Effective" - these drugs sold in a pharmacy, they contain only natural ingredients.

Powerful drugs

In serious stressful situations, it is necessary to take powerful drugs. Here we should speak about the side effects from them, they are harmful to the body. May appear drowsiness, lethargy, jumps in blood pressure. To take strong medications without supervision and advice of a doctor is impossible. It is important to comply with dosage and duration of treatment. Due to incorrect technique can develop addiction to the drug. The advantage is their fast action. Under the instructions of the psychological health of the person soon returns to normal.
Antidepressants a group of drugs which are widely spread. People find in them salvation and normalization of mental status.

There are medications that have a dual effect: soothes and calms irritated nervous system, and normalize sleep. "Menovalen is manufactured by" refers to such drugs. It includes peppermint and Valerian. According to customer reviews, whether the use of medication. Do not brew tea, you just have to drink the capsule with a small amount of water.

Advice 2: What sedative can you buy without prescription

In some situations the person may cease to cope with life's troubles, stress at work or at home. In such a situation is effective sedative that can be purchased at the pharmacy. But not all such drugs are sold without prescription.
What sedative can you buy without prescription

Medications based on plant raw materials

Such drugs include three popular medicines bestowed by nature itself – Valeriana in tablets, tincture and motherwort tincture peony.

The first tool has a mild but effective sedative effect. The reason for these properties of Valerian – its essential oil, consisting of an ester borneol and isovaleric acid. An important feature of this tool is the softness of the occurrence of the desired calm, as the man immediately throws into sleep and peace of mind.

Valerian tablets it is best to start using before the upcoming stress. For example, you may know that in the next month to be passing complex report or final paper. In this case, start taking Valerian in advance, and the difficult period will pass much calmer.

Valerian is effective and frequent migraines, severe nervous agitation, lung disorders of the cardiovascular system, and in the case of sleep disorders.

Indications for the use of the tincture of motherwort are high nervous irritability, stress, as well as labile hypertension, which currently suffer more and more people.

Tincture of peony is used by people for decades and even centuries because of the beautiful properties of this plant have been known and used since ancient herbalists. This tool is effective in decline, not only emotional, but also physical forces, caused by serious and prolonged stress. It is the tincture of peony is the real enemy of migraines, depression and stress.
Peony is quite a strong allergen, so take it with some caution, watching the reactions of the body.

Other sedative drugs, which often buy in pharmacies

Quite a popular tool of this kind is "Novopassit", providing a more powerful and rapid impact on the human nervous system than other drugs. Its purpose is to struggle with irritability, anxiety and fears.

However, the pharmaceutical company that produces "Novopassit", warns of its possible side effects, frequent dizziness, lethargy and sleepiness, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, severe decreased concentration, cramps, itching and muscle weakness.

Sedation other sedative drug – "Persina" is softer than "Novopassit". Due to this, people who bought medication will not feel sleepy in the middle of the day, but to feel significant trim mental state.

It is the "Person" can replace more potent sedative and to help people suffering from insomnia, vegetative-vascular dystonia and neurosis, provoking anxiety or nervous excitement.

Advice 3: How to choose a good sedative

Stress constantly fill the lives of the inhabitants of megacities. Hard work, long standing in traffic jams, lack of proper rest - all this can significantly undermine the nervous system.
Chamomile tea
The human nervous system is not able to withstand constant exposure to stress of different nature. To which she responds differently: it can be isolation and depression, depression and even nervous breakdown. Independently of this vicious circle is very difficult to get out. Therefore, to maintain the nervous system it is necessary to turn to antidepressants.

To choose the right sedative, you should pay attention to some points: what are the side effects arise from the use of drugs, how it affects concentration and memory, as it is natural.

Sedatives of vegetable origin

When the action of negative factors did not occur for a long time, it is possible to calm the body natural herbs. Great relaxing and soothing effect has tea with lemon balm, mint or chamomile. These teas can be consumed at home or at work and replace them for the boring black tea or coffee. Faster effect have extracts of Valerian or the above listed herbs. About 20 drops of tincture added to half a glass of water.

Drugs do not have a hindering effect, do not reduce the speed of the reactions, well tolerated by most people, do not have side effects. Those who struggle every day to make tea can be purchased in pharmacies Valerian tablets. Sedatives of plant origin can be given even to children.

Sedative stronger action

When soothing tea already has the desired effect or stress longer, an example is an exam for students, it is possible to use more powerful drugs. They will not be of plant origin, but secure and do not possess sedative or braking action.

"Glycine" - a very popular sedative, which normalizes metabolic processes in the brain, relieves stress, improves mental performance. Small sweet pills must be kept under the tongue until dissolved.

Motorists and active people will appreciate the drug "Persen", which lowers the concentration, does not cause drowsiness. I am particularly pleased that the medicine contains extracts of lemon balm, peppermint and Valerian, so it can be considered natural. If properly comply with the dosage, then after a course of reception of Persona" stress retreats.

Advice 4: How to buy antidepressants without prescription

It is widely believed that effective antidepressants are sold only on prescription. This is partly true, but there are quite a lot of drugs and in a free market.
How to buy antidepressants without prescription

General guidelines

Before you go to the pharmacy for antidepressants, it is important to determine the causes of the problems. Depression, and reduced vitality, lethargy, apathy, nervousness and tearfulness (as well as other manifestations of mental illness) can be caused by various factors. For example, such violations are accompanied by some infectious disease, occurring is hidden, that is sometimes removing the true causes of depression requires a full medical examination.

The medications, antidepressant distinguish between stimulating and sedative (according to the mechanism of action on mentality of the patient). Many of the antidepressantssold and pharmacies without prescription, made of plant-based. The prickly Thistle, Schizandra, root maralia, immortelle Rhodiola rosea in the list of these herbs includes active substances, effectively raising the tone and get rid of bad moods, feelings of depression and normalizes sleep and appetite.

The choice of specific drugs

The list of drugs having a similar effect are extensive. However, to buy and make them worth considering only after studying the instructions, especially indications and contraindications.

In milder forms of depressive disorders can start with a combination of the tinctures of Valerian and motherwort are sold freely. Such a mixture, the dosage of which is calculated depending on the age and weight of the patient, helps with sleep disorders, anxiety and anxiety. Quite a safe drug, according to experts, can be considered a "Debarim", increasing mood, and performance. The active ingredient in its composition is St. John's wort.
It is important to remember that after taking improperly selected drugs the condition of patients can deteriorate, so even before purchasing over-the-counter medicines such profile you need to consult with your doctor.

Among the medications used in long-term low mood, psychomotor retardation, apathy and anxiety, it is possible to allocate "Maprotiline" (or "Ludiomil"). With increased nervous excitability, which is accompanied by insomnia and irritability, is recommended "Persen", which is composed of various components of plant origin. In depressive States arising from those who decided to quit Smoking or give up drinking, you can stop the choice on "Afobazol" or to buy "Ziban" (also known under the trade names "Nosmok or Wellbutrin").
Only with an integrated approach, as the doctors say, you can cope with depression and its various manifestations.

Doctors warn that even the most effective antidepressants is not guaranteed to solve the problem. Medication often combined with other recommendations from effective load balancing and reviewing daily routines to the daily exercise and vitamin therapy.

Advice 5: What sedative can be used during lactation

In the body of a woman who is breastfeeding her baby, hormonal changes occur. This may explain her irritability, insomnia and hysteria. This young mother realizes that she needs to be confident and calm to make her child feel comfortable. So often raises the question of sedation, suitable for nursing moms.
What sedative can be used during lactation

Sedative drugs while breastfeeding

Lactation it is very important that the woman felt peace and comfort. The excitement and stress affect the quality and quantity of breast milk. And if there is a need to take a sedative, then his choice should be taken very seriously.

Often young mothers are used as sedative herbal and medicinal plants. But they should be treated with extreme caution. Some herbs cannot be taken during breastfeeding, for example, mint, because its action reduces the production of milk. But the fennel, on the contrary, will serve you and sedatives, and increase lactation. Sometimes a nursing woman can take Valerian, and, in the form of pills, and a tincture of the rhizome of Valerian.

Also in the period of breast-feeding as a sedative can be motherwort tincture. In pharmacies, this herb is sold in special filter bags for brewing. But the drug Motherwort Forte nursing mother is absolutely contraindicated.

A woman needs to know that lactation is desirable to adopt a variety of alcoholic tinctures. The alcohol included in the composition of such drugs can have a negative impact on the baby.

As a sedative during the period of breast-feeding sometimes use special massages, baths, aromatherapy. In some cases there are homeopathic medicines.

The choice of sedative? Only individually!

Any sedative drug during lactation should start taking minimum doses. Be sure to consider the child's reaction, because the drug can cause the baby indigestion, drowsiness, or any other changes in behavior.

The degree of irritability of the individual in every woman. Sedative drugs for nursing is also a great variety. So you need to choose a drug that will help you cope with emotional stress and to relax. This is very important. Because the child reacts to the mood of his mother. If the mother is irritated, he may be cranky and cry.

The cause of the stress the young mother is often chronic fatigue, so do not hesitate to seek the assistance of relatives and friends. Then you will have more time to sleep, walks in the fresh air, and therefore you'll be less irritable.

You need to remember that a sedative drug during lactation is chosen individually. No one remedy will not help anyone after the first application. The recovery of the body herbal drugs is a long process. So be patient and love yourself. So you will save lactation and relationship with the world around you.

Advice 6: What sedative can pregnant

Hormonal changes is one of the main reasons for the increase of anxiety, irritability women during pregnancy. So many expectant mothers in the period of carrying a baby thinking about receiving sedatives. However, for women in an interesting position many medications that help to overcome emotional instability are not suitable.
What sedative can pregnant
Emotional instability is harmful not only for the pregnant woman but also to the fetus. To cope with the mood swings, the expectant mother must consult a doctor and to pick up a sedative. In no case do not try to choose the drugs themselves or based on customer feedback, to predict the body's response to medication is problematic.

Sedative, permitted during pregnancy

During pregnancy should avoid taking all medications, including a sedative. But today in pharmacies can find a lot of herbal medicinal products, which are suitable for expectant mothers.

Most often, the first claim for mood swings, outbursts of anger, increased anxiety and insomnia doctor prescribes to women in an interesting position herbal teas. To drink they should be according to the instructions, you can choose chamomile, lime tea, lemon balm, hawthorn. Also to calm your nerves will help long walks.

If the peace they desire does not occur, can be taken during pregnancy and Valerian in pill form, motherwort. These sedatives are suitable for use from the second trimester. In the first trimester do not want to use a sedative drug, even if they are composed of herbs.

Medicinal sedative for expectant mothers

Relatively safe drugs applies sedative "Novopassit". It incorporates vegetable herbs, but to take this medication after consultation with a gynecologist. Suitable for pregnant women and "the Persians" with Melissa, peppermint, Valerian, which also should not be used for self-treatment. You can drink course and "Glycine".

Often as a sedative for pregnant women prescribe homeopathic remedies. They usually are selected individually and require careful observance of dosage. But sedatives and other powerful drugs to expectant mothers is not recommended.

Safe enough during pregnancy aromatherapy. Soothes lavender, citrus scents. Abstain from these procedures, if you have allergies or respiratory diseases.

For nervousness do not forget about vitamins for pregnant women, in particular, to achieve a favourable frame of mind will help and vitamin B. Observe the correct mode of the day, highlighting to sleep 8-9 hours.
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