Need to find out the cause of the disorder

Some sedative drugs designed for insomniacs, the other for those who live in constant stress and disorders. Therefore it is necessary to articulate what is troubling, and only then go to the pharmacy. Every day on the nervous system has a strong impact. Most often, the stress experienced by people with an active lifestyle who cannot sit still, they are in contact with a huge number of people.

Drugs based on herbal components

If a person understands that his strength is leaving, you need to think about the reception of sedative drugs. It is better to consult with your doctor so he can prescribed effective therapy based on the patient's history. For self-treatment, you should choose the products based on vegetable components. The composition can have the following herbs: lemon balm, mint, Valerian, motherwort. They are most often found in herbal fees, teas and tinctures. Drugs dispensed at the pharmacy without a doctor's prescription. Not reduce performance, almost have no side effects. Only talking about individual intolerance of separate components.
For fast and effective recovery after stress it is best to obtain the advice of a doctor.

A man leading an active way of life, do not want every time to brew some fresh tea, to do the infusions at home, so any sedative you can buy in the pills and take according to instructions. "Persen", "Novopassit", infusion of Valerian, "Effective" - these drugs sold in a pharmacy, they contain only natural ingredients.

Powerful drugs

In serious stressful situations, it is necessary to take powerful drugs. Here we should speak about the side effects from them, they are harmful to the body. May appear drowsiness, lethargy, jumps in blood pressure. To take strong medications without supervision and advice of a doctor is impossible. It is important to comply with dosage and duration of treatment. Due to incorrect technique can develop addiction to the drug. The advantage is their fast action. Under the instructions of the psychological health of the person soon returns to normal.
Antidepressants a group of drugs which are widely spread. People find in them salvation and normalization of mental status.

There are medications that have a dual effect: soothes and calms irritated nervous system, and normalize sleep. "Menovalen is manufactured by" refers to such drugs. It includes peppermint and Valerian. According to customer reviews, whether the use of medication. Do not brew tea, you just have to drink the capsule with a small amount of water.