Disease share several defining characteristics, which include responding to changes in the weather, fatigue, causeless fluctuation of body temperature and pressure surges, headaches, pain in the gut and joints, numbness in various parts of the body etc.
Often before the patient gets to the doctor, neurologist, who deals with the treatment of this disease, he has to take more than one Cabinet, starting from a gastroenterologist, cardiologist, rheumatologist and other specialized doctors.
Vegetative-vascular dystonia is dangerous because small failures accumulate, lead to the big disorder that may be accompanied by loss of consciousness, heart pain, sharp pressure jump. The impetus for such a condition may be stress, infection, trauma, solar overheating, supercooling, surface tension, caused by incorrect body position etc.
If you are diagnosed with "vegetative-vascular dystonia", it is necessary to observe some rules that will help to strengthen the autonomic nervous system. These include regular contrast shower bath, spending time in the fresh air, good physical activity, avoiding excessive loads, development of methods of self-regulation and self-control, a good night's rest, and short NAPs.
In severe cases, administration of drugs affecting vascular tone, improves cerebral blood circulation, reduces anxiety. The taking and dosage of these drugs are performed only by the attending physician based on the patient's condition.
You can also use the traditional medicine – Valerian root, motherwort, peony root, Siberian ginseng, ginseng, lemongrass, leuzea, Rhodiola, etc.