You will need
  • a statement written in the name of the head of the organization, signed by your immediate supervisor
Contact your direct supervisor(head of production) with a request to increase discharge and a statement. Your management should make the decision about whether to send you on training courses or to teach advanced work on the basis of the enterprise.
If the government decides to send you on training courses, you will be given direction from the organization. You can sign a contract that you agree to work a certain amount of time after the end of the course. Pass courses, pass examinations, get brown (certificate of completion assigning a new category). Based on this evidence in your organization, you will assign the new category.
If you decide to teach you more challenging work directly in production, you will be assigned a mentor. Research the theory, that is what you need to know when working at higher level. Then you will be assigned the day of the exam. The exam consists of theoretical and practical parts. In the theoretical part of the exam answer the questions on the theory. In practice we will perform practical work in higher level. The Commission will verify the result and decide on assigning you a new discharge.
Further, the Commission will issue you a certification sheet, take it to HR. The document will be stored in your personal file. On the basis thereof, issue an order of assignment of the new category and make an entry in the work book.