You will need
  • Manual seats, manual car, screwdriver set.
First of all, check the owner's manual for your car. It can be specified the mechanism of removal of restraints, if after purchase from an authorized dealer standard seat has not changed. You should also visit the website of the company VAZ, where you can find all the manuals in electronic form. If you changed the standard seats, you should refer to the instructions that are usually included in the kit.
First you need to understand what type of standing seat in your car. Usually they differ in how the headrest is detached or not. For example, the "classics" set the front seats with non-removable tops. They are a continuation of the chair. On most models put removable headrests, which are held on two steel axles. To remove them, tilt the front seat back a little. Push the head restraint down as much as possible. Now grasp it with two hands at the sides. A little push the head restraint and pull yourself up. It should pop out of the grooves with a distinctive sound.
Open the back door. Look for a bolt-fastening, which holds the rear seat. Open it and lower the seat back. Inspect the back side of the back. It may be fastening which keeps the axis of the headrest. If it is, then open it. If this attachment is not, as much as possible will lower the head restraint, pull it to the side of the trunk and quickly pull up. If it is not removed, then try to try to push the axis from the back side. The head restraint must be removed with a characteristic clicking.