You will need
  • - card accounting personnel;
  • - personal information on employees:
  • - computer tests in various specialties;
  • - computers with appropriate mathematical software;
  • - plan of certification.
Identify the goals of the evaluation. In many budget organizations, neither the staff nor the managers don't think about it. Recertification under the law, so it and spend. The management of commercial structure this issue is resolved in its sole discretion. State the purpose of existence of the company, its prospects and challenges. Recertification must fulfill. Make a plan and agree with the company's management.
Think about form of certification. For different categories of employees it may be different. Production workers can perform, for example, the test task is to carve the detail or to perform repair works of the relevant category of difficulty. For teachers be sure to open lessons or classes. For salespeople and service workers certification may take the form of a business game or simulation situation. Creative workers can develop their project and defend it.
Develop questions for the theoretical part. It can be questions about production or safety, depending on the group of workers and the profile of the company. The theoretical examination can be held in test mode, with the use of computer technology. Make a questionnaire, inviting the participants several answers. Workers of certain professions (e.g., installers) can be offered tasks that require creativity and originality of thinking.
Consider the estimation method. For production workers the most appropriate group estimate. As examiners are masters, heads of departments and shifts. You can invite independent experts — the recognized masters of their craft. The same method is useful for evaluation of qualification of specialists in the field of IT-technologies.
Explain to employees the need for certification. Focus on what they need and what benefits they can get. Tell us in what form it will take and how to prepare. Conduct a trial test of the theory. It is better to make ahead of time, especially if the professional responsibilities of the workers include working with computer. They need to get comfortable with the new scanning methods.
Establish a system for registration of data on staff. This can be, for example, individual sheets. Each should be written the surname, name and patronymic of the appraiser, date and place of birth, marital status and place of residence. It is necessary to specify an INN and the pension certificate number. Enter data about education, training, promotion, public awards. Some companies also indicate the presence of a vehicle and a driver's license, property details, etc. Put in the card the personal account the information about the job and the responsibilities, and previous certifications.