You will need
  • paper;
  • - handle;
  • print.
Prepare for the compilation of the document sheet of A4 paper or letterhead of the organization.
Note that a standard feature of employment cooks usually contains the following basic data of an employee:- document title;- personal data of the chefs, such as name, date of birth and information on education;- information on labor activities of a cook;- information about what company or who it is intended for this feature.
Information about the work of the chefs enter the name of the organization, which works (worked) employee.
Don't forget to mention the title of the post (cook, chef, assistant chefs).
Specify how long the employee works for your institution.
Describe the work activities of the employee and his or her professional achievements and successes. Don't forget that the chef should know the technology of preparation of culinary products requirements for the quality of food and products, the terms and conditions of their storage. He also needs to be familiar with purpose of various products (meats, poultry, seafood, etc.), with the rules of operation of technological equipment and structure.
Email, was there an employee in any professional development courses or trainings. Specify in what.
Give an objective assessment of the personal and professional qualities, performance and professional competence of the cook.
Make sure that on the document was attended by the signature of the Director, his Deputy and the Director of personnel.
Ascertain all of the signatures with the company seal.