The first skills of cooking healthy and delicious food the kids get, helping my mother or grandmother. If you, the parent noticed the child's interest in combining products, give the opportunity to develop abilities to the full. Tell the cook about the properties of products, teach proper use of kitchen appliances, cook together simple meals and make them attractive.
Need to practice cooking with children you will find in special books, which are a large assortment of shops. On many channels, especially for children, there is a special program that tells about the properties of products and rules of their preparation. In addition, in large cities on the basis of restaurants and cafes cooking classes with the children.
The next step will be the school technology lessons. At many institutions their program contains a section cooking. The classes are organized so that students had the opportunity not only to get a General idea about the profession of a cook, but try it in practice. Traditionally, the basics of cooking learn girl. However, if the young man firmly decided on a career choice and will not experience the psychological discomfort, you can negotiate with the school about access to these lessons.
After graduating from secondary school comes the choice of professional educational institutions. Becoming a chef by enrolling in an institution of secondary education: vocational school, technical school, College. Training is conducted on the basis of 9 classes and 11 classes. In the first case study will last 3 years. During this time the student will learn the disciplines General education course, similar to the 10-11 grade of secondary school and acquire professional skills. For graduates of 11 classes provided training only in special subjects for 1.5-2 years.
Future chefs are learning chemistry, biology, principles of physiology of nutrition, sanitation and hygiene, processing and storing food, methods of organizing food production, rules of cooking, culinary features and more. Theoretical knowledge is fixed in the course of practical training and industrial practice. After successful completion of final examinations students are awarded the qualification of "Chef" or "pastry Chef" 3 or 4 digits.
To continue the culinary skill attainment in higher education. Training in this area are, for example, Russian economic Academy im. G. V. Plekhanov and Moscow state University of food production. Read more about universities with the specialty of culinary profile, you can find on the Internet, from directories of educational institutions or in the education Department of the regional administration.
Programs of universities formed taking into account the latest scientific achievements. However, pay attention to the fact that higher education gives a great theoretical knowledge, mainly on the organization and management of enterprises the culinary field. At the same time universities have developed extensive contacts with foreign colleagues and there is a student exchange program that gives you the opportunity to experience the charm of a true national cuisine.
Theoretical base of education must be underpinned by practical skills. Actively participate in contests of skill, qualification increase courses, seminars, trainings, communicate in the professional community and watch the experienced chefs.