The features of the profession of chef

Many people think that any special education to the chef is not required – just enough to be able to cook and love this occupation as millions of Housewives pleasing a tasty meal at home. But this view is mistaken. First, between the preparation of dinner for a few people, and those, which are several hundred, there's a big difference, including technological. Second, the range of dishes that need to be able to cook the chef, in the tens if not hundreds of times wider than any of the home menu. Thirdly, the chef of the highest class practically does not use ready-made recipes, and should be able to improvise, but to create new dishes were delicious. And for that you need to know many secrets of thermal and mechanical processing of products, their compatibility and required ratios. And fourth, most importantly, without which, even knowing all these details people will never be able to become a good chef, it is an innate talent for cooking.

Where to special education

Such a profession exists in the list of specialties, graduates of some universities, schools or colleges. You can also obtain the diploma of chefs, spending on such training only a few months or even weeks. These schools teach the theory of cooking business: the rules of choice, storage and processing of products, the recipe of the most popular dishes principles of preparing food. But, unfortunately, full of practical skills the graduates of such institutions in the process of learning do not receive, they are more suitable for managerial activities.

But, nevertheless, the theoretical knowledge will be necessary and required if, after the end of such an institution you will take care of the necessary practice. Some cafes and restaurants offer food to the graduates of institutes and colleges, free training in the kitchen, and you can even get a scholarship. But among these restaurants are mostly restaurants and fast food outlets or network.

In the kitchen of a good restaurant or café, you can get even without "crusts" on special education, but in this case practice will give you more difficult, and will have to start with the dirty work – washing dishes and washing vegetables. However, employers are not willing to take a staff of people without education. In this case it is important to get good professional guidance and to receive from him a learned skill. And to consolidate the knowledge and skills you can always pay for courses and master classes held by famous chefs, including abroad.