For starters, you should know that to initiate the procedure of increasing discharge as can the immediate supervisor of the employee himself. In the first case you must write a memo addressed to the Director, and in the second statement. In any of these documents, the introductory part should contain the reasoning of the increase of discharge specific to the employee.
In the appeal to the head describe the level of training and their qualifications documented. As well as the opportunity for additional training in special courses or in training center. Write about the need to increase the category for obtaining the admission to work of increased levels of difficulty that are underway at the enterprise. The paperwork to send the leadership for review.
This is followed to a head, the basis for which was your statement or memo. It may contain a recommendation on the organization of retraining of the worker in the enterprise or an order to send him to a special school that trains specialists in this direction.
Upon completion of training certification of worker compliance knowledge and training needed to improve discharge. In the training center the process of obtaining the relevant documents for assigned discharge regulated by the current legislation. And the company may be formed by a special qualification Commission has the right to evaluate and certify the skill level of the worker.