If a person first gets a job and has an education document, tariff category, set him on the basis of this document. The category specified in the document on education, has confirmed the state qualification Commission of the educational institution in accordance with the level of theoretical and professional training of the working and results of the qualification examination.

Rated discharge state in the documents of the employment (employment contract, letter of employment, the personal card of the worker, employment history).
If a person first gets a job and has no document about education, such a working set of the lower level - 1st or 2nd.

Open a single wage-rate (ETCS), select industry, issue ETCS, choose a profession, the characteristics of the works of the 1st and 2nd discharge, compare with the work which will be charged to the employee, assign the category to the 1st or 2nd. Select a tariff category in the documents of the job. In the future, increased discharge, and assignment of more complex work perform in the course of employment.
If you want to define the category of work no document about education, but having experience in this profession, in this case, see entry in the labor book of the employee with previous employment. The category of such worker under the employment set in accordance with this record.
In the course of employment tariff category of workers can increase. The increase in discharges in this case is carried out by the qualification Commission established by the order of the company. The Commission usually includes heads management area, employees of the Department of industrial training, of the personnel Department, Department of payment.

So, you need to increase the tariff category of workers. Ask a worker to submit a statement, initialed by the head of unit (master, foreman, shop), ask the head of the site management to write a performance or characteristics of this worker.

Report of the Commission on the need to conduct the qualification exam.

During the exam the worker must answer theoretical questions, which are set out in the sections of the unified tariff and qualification reference book "description of work" and "need to know" of the discharge, to which he aspires.
During the practical part of the exam worker must perform a sample of work, corresponding to the stated level of qualification.
By results of check of knowledge and skills of the worker, the eligibility Commission decides: to assign or not to assign the new category. The decision of the Commission will notify the employee immediately after the vote. Next, draw up a report of the Commission, containing the rating (excellent, good, satisfactory, unsatisfactory) and the result of the decision of the Commission.

Protocol sign members of the Commission and keep together with a statement of the employee in his personal file. On the basis of the Protocol, assign the employee a new category and make an entry in the work book and the personal card of the employee, make changes to documents on wages.