Classical education

Specialty pastry chef will allow you not only to please the relatives and friends of fine cakes and original cakes, but also give the opportunity to work in the food industry. Basic knowledge in this specialty can be purchased at post-secondary educational institutions that train specialists for the food industry, culinary colleges and professional schools. To enrol on the basis of incomplete secondary education, i.e. after the 9th grade or on the basis of 11 classes. In the first case the training period is 3 years (since students have to learn not only discipline, but also General education subjects) and the second - 2. During the training process you will learn the theory of cooking, learn merchandising, costing dishes, nutrition, methods of cooking. In addition, you will receive the opportunity to consolidate all these knowledge into practice in real cafes and restaurants.

Unfortunately, teaching materials such colleges often contain outdated information, as the system of training and material base of these institutions does not always keep up with the rapid development of world cooking. In particular, this is why the students have some problems to correlate in the College of knowledge with the real work of the restaurant. However, a basic culinary education allows the graduate to join in a process much faster than the person on the street".

Haute cuisine and recipes "for the soul"

If you want to learn about the latest trends in the confectionery business and become a professional world-class, it makes sense to pay attention to the different cooking schools abroad. For example, the world famous cooking school Le Cordon Bleu in France, invites all who wish to undergo higher pastry skills and get the diploma of master pastry chef. The problem is that the cost of culinary education this level can reach half a million rubles. Of course, in the less prestigious schools the price will be lower, but your diploma will not be valued so highly by employers. However, such spending is worth doing, if you intend in the future to devote himself to a pastry, and to work, for example, in Europe. But in order to understand this, it is better first to obtain the diploma of professional pastry chef in College and to try themselves in the profession.

Finally, for those who don't think about the career of a pastry chef and just wants to learn how to work with pastries and desserts to please the home, it is quite suitable short-term courses at colleges and workshops of famous confectioners. Ads about them can often be found in social networks. In addition, many restaurants sometimes hold master classes for all comers.