To obtain the categories of CE and VE have driving experience of not less than one year category C and b respectively. For training to confirm experience is not necessary. But when you take a qualifying exam in the traffic police authorities require confirmation. Supporting documents can either be an extract from the labor book, duly stamped, any documents to a personal vehicle.
To obtain the categories VE and CE also requires the age of 21 years. Again, you can be trained to achieve a specified number of years, and to pass the exam and open the category immediately after reaching 21st birthday.
Complete training in specialized automotive school in the desired category. Choosing a driving school, focuses not on the cheapness of education, and the percentage of graduates who pass the exams the first time, at the manufacturing base of the school: availability of equipment and qualified instructors, modern vehicles with a trailer, a private racing circuit
Before the qualification exams in the traffic police collect the following documents: an identity document (passport), medical certificate of the established sample with the copy of the payment receipt of state duty. Also require a personal driver card, a certificate of completion of training courses for drivers of vehicles of category CE or VE, the documents confirming the experience of management of vehicles of the relevant category for at least 1 year.
Theoretical exam for obtaining the categories of CE and VE is not provided. The practical exam is conducted in two stages. The first stage – closed to vehicle ground or the racetrack. Is the validation exercise "statement to the platform tailgate" and "straight line backing". Second – on a test route in real traffic.
If the exam is not passed, the traffic police will report the reasons for not putting in writing. Go re-exam in a period not earlier than 7 days from the date of the previous exam.