Where to start

Start your journey celebrity should the small – to become famous in their class. This is the most difficult, as all endeavors. But don't stop there – make your popularity in your school, then city, etc.

Famous people are often talented, find themselves in any capacity. Perhaps you have a charming voice or amazing dancer. Maybe you have obvious abilities of poet or the mathematician. You need to define your strengths and developing them in various ways.

But self development does not make you famous, if it's about your abilities, no one knows. In schools, different contests, concerts, Olympics, sports. Depending on your abilities necessary in these events to participate and, of course, try to win.

No retreat, no surrender

Becoming famous is not easy. Every field, whatever you may choose, will find many small and big defeats, disappointments. But we should not retreat from his goal of becoming famous. It is likely that you just haven't discovered your true talent. As a rule, 13-year-old Teens want to be famous Actresses or singers, only this is not every. It is not necessary to give up – there are a lot of famous scientists and athletes. If you can't succeed in these areas, please note on the other: drawing, writing stories, modeling clothes, etc.

Advertising – the motor only

Having determined with his talent, making the necessary first steps, you can be stuck in one place. On the one hand, you popular at your school or even town and you are famous in the country. Use universal opening of the 21st century – the Internet, which can not only serve as a means of obtaining information and entertainment, but also pass to the world of celebrities.

Depending on the kind of your activity, publish on the Internet pictures, audio or video recordings of their performances, image craft of your work or works of his own. Advertise yourself, because until you find someone who will agree to invest in your advertising campaign means, it will have to do yourself.

Someday fate will give you a chance, and someone get a proposal on cooperation. Do not miss this opportunity because another may not present itself again. But you have to be sure what you wish for, because once you go down the path of fame could turn back very difficult.