You will need
  • - teacher of vocal;
  • - dance teacher;
  • - theatre Studio;
  • books on the history of theatre,
  • - classic literature;
  • - videos from performances and rehearsals.
Soberly assess their capabilities. It is likely that some of the necessary actor qualities you already possess. If you sing well, dance, have excellent diction, or know how to make dolls and play with them in small scenes, you already have something to start from. One who does such is not able, too, should not get upset. Very much can be learned, including yourself.
Actor of drama theatre in the first place should be able to speak beautifully. If you have any speech defects, try to get rid of them. It will go much faster if you consult a good speech therapist. Small flaws can be corrected independently, with exercises for the speech organs.
Test how well you know the literature. Review the lists of works which the Ministry of education recommends that schools with profound studying of humanitarian disciplines. Tipped what was read. To these lists add a number of dramatic works written in the same periods. At school they study not so often, but I needed to know them.
Learn the history of theatre. It is also possible to do it yourself. Will help you not only books but also videos. Historical reconstruction now extremely popular fashion restore ancient phenomena were made and the theatre. View including records where modern troupe repeats the old statement.
If you've never studied singing or dancing, join in the vocal and dance clubs. You can take lessons from private teachers. In addition, music and dance schools often organize a similar group for those who have already reached school age. You need to learn to control your body and put the voice.
Enroll in drama school or in community theater. Such groups in many clubs and houses of culture. There you will be able to try themselves on stage. In the Amateur team under the direction of a good acting teacher, you will know what stage it differs from the usual, and learn stage movement. There you will understand whether you want to become a professional actor or you prefer theatre as a hobby.
If you feel that you do not imagine its life without a scene, find out if your city theatrical institution. This is not necessarily specialized University or College, could be a Studio at a local theater. And remember that many great actors started their path in life not on the stage.