In the movie "the street"

The easiest way to get a job in a movie without professional education – to find jobs for support staff. No film company can't do without secretaries, managers, computer specialists, and personnel workers. Of course, this work would be virtually indistinguishable from normal office activity, but it can be a source of useful contacts and relationships, and, in addition, will provide guidance on how the film industry works from inside. In addition, not even creative work at the Studio will allow you much before other people know about auditions, job openings, courses and special events.

Another option to get in touch with the mysterious world of cinema to take part in mass shootings. The people willing to be present in the frame, performing the orders of the Director, required very often. For recognition, fame and star fees in this case should not count, but as a one-time photography jobs in the "extras" are quite attractive. Look for announcements of a set of actors to "crowd" the best thing on the Internet: prompts appear on the Executive sites of the studios, agencies and actors, as well as relevant groups in social networks.

Work for professionals

If you plan to associate with the film industry your career, it makes sense to attend to receive specialist training. It could be acting classes, camera work, Director education or the diploma of the engineer. Of course, before you go to learn, need to understand what the profession closer to you, not to regret about wasted time and effort. This may help in open days, carried out by educational institutions before the beginning of the season of receiving the documents.

In any case, do not neglect compiling the portfolio. These may be Amateur videos, educational records or professional work. Collect the best of them in a separate archive, which will be able to show potential employers. Many studios recruit staff not on a permanent basis and for a specific project, in this case, examples of your work can play a crucial role in choosing your candidates.

Finally, the movie is accessible from "related" profession – literary activities. If you are easy and fun to read, able to take criticism and make your text changes, then perhaps a career writer for you is a good option, especially if work which could be an interesting script ready. Of course, in this case, you will probably have to get a lot of rejections, but if your idea is of interest to the film, movie you practically guaranteed.