You will need
  • - outstanding acting ability and (or) the external data;
  • portfolio
For a portfolio it is enough to make four pictures, preferably with a professional photographer. If this is not possible, you can make an Amateur photo, but not necessarily against a blank light canvas or wall. Photographs must be:- in full growth; - portrait with a serious expression; - portrait where you are smiling;- profile. These few pictures will become your business card on the way to the world of cinema.
To about your desire to be in the movie learned the casting managers and Directors, you need to contact the production studios. Just print out your photos in a few instances, and on the back of each of them enter their data and coordinates: name, age, height, weight, clothing size and shoes, as well as the phone number for communication.
With these photos you can contact production centers - or moviecompany
At the reception, just tell me what would you like to leave your photos for base actor's Studio. You point to the person who is the casting Director. Then your data will be entered into the database. In the building of the production Studio don't forget to pay attention to the Bulletin Board, as there can be hung with the announcement of the casting, with the date and venue of selection.
After that, you can assume that the main thing is done. Now you need to be patient and wait until you are invited to audition. It can happen in the case if your looks and facial features will be of interest to the Director and he thinks you may be suitable for the role of a certain character.
If you don't have the time or determination the courage to go all the moviestudios, it is possible to address in any serious professional recruitment Agency actors for customers (production studios). For example, the customer requires a petite brunette dramatic look with brown eyes. Acting Agency that has at its disposal an impressive database of candidates for the role of the actor, taken away from them the most suitable all parameters of this type and will invite candidates to audition.
However, the services of acting agencies pay. Over a certain amount you will be invited to various auditions where you could go for your facial features throughout the year. If you adopt on the role, you will need to give the Agency 10-20 percent of your fee. Addresses and phone numbers talent agencies -