You will need
  • - the practice of acting,
  • - summary
  • - professional photography.
To get to audition and get the rolein the first place, you will need presentation materials – photo taken by a professional photographer. Typically, this black-and-white glossy pictures, they should be relevant, convey your appearance without distortion to the film producers saw in person with you what she saw before her.
To pictures attach your resume. Make copies of this kit, and always carry a few copies with me– you never know where you may meet people that can help you to role in the film.
Try to hire a Manager that can organize your participation in the auditions to be able to star in the film project. Be prepared to any kind of auditions to commercials too – even this experience increases your chance of success.
Before the audition learn how to play a piece that you have to demonstrate the producer and Director. Repeat the words again and again, until, until everything is perfect. Model the dialogue with friends. In any case, practice a song or dance.
Load the data in all of the acting base on the Internet – this will increase your chance of getting an audition and, ultimately, to the role in the film.
Try to communicate with students of specialized Universities. Most of them shoot documentary and feature films for their diplomas. Personal acquaintance is a great chance to get a role in their project and start a film career.