You will need
  • the computer
  • Internet access,
  • phone,
  • portfolio.
Contact HR talent Agency comic magazine "jumble". According to the personnel Department immediately for audition take snub-nosed, big-eared, freckle-faced kids. In other words all those who may be teased at school, and who has an extraordinary appearance. But in the movie these characters will find immediately that guarantees the success of the taken series. Contact information for personnel talent agencies can be found on the official website of the film.
Leave a portfolio in a job Agency if you were not invited to the audition. The portfolio includes the best pictures of baby in different angles, information about age, Hobbies, qualifications (for example, behind the child is visiting acting classes or participating in a children's school theatre). Perhaps the crew need a child with some specific data and they will contact you.
Definitely take persistence, diligence and emancipation. Crybabies pessimists and shy boys and girls in "jumble" do not take. If you are approached by your external data, don't forget to visit the modeling school, acting school, which opened with the film crew of the "jumble". You will also learn and teach the basic techniques of behavior on the set.
Do not lose hope, under no circumstances, even if you are refused the first time. Mandatory attend all the auditions that are held not only in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Saint-Petersburg but also in many regional centres. Bragging about yourself and your talent on the official website. Believe in your luck and you will shooting another humorous miniature called "jumble".