You will need
  • - benefits of acting;
  • - visit a tutor or acting school;
  • - daily practice;
Sign up for acting classes. Carefully choose the teacher. Visit a few trial lessons, watch the group, with the teacher. You may feel shy, insecure, but no reason to abandon the idea to do. Acting classes need to cope with their shyness.
Spend more time alone with the mirror. Don't be surprised that "communication" with his reflection will help you to understand how you develop your acting talent. Especially this method is good if you have an important meeting (job interview, business conversation, a date). You can "rehearse" in front of the mirror especially important cues for the meeting.
Become a party to any advertising project. Try yourself as a promoter. Promoter - the person who posts need to communicate with people to chant slogans or to walk around in a life size doll. What is not practical on the liberation for the novice actor?
Record yourself on video. Create actor's sketches. For example, you can read a poem or prose passage. Otsmatrivat this video, mark, what saw do you think is more successful.
Sign up to volunteer at various children's activities. For example, can become an artist at children's parties. You can go to kindergartens, schools, children's homes or orphanages and entertain the kids. Learn a few songs under a guitar, compose a dance deklamiruya poems, show tricks. You as a budding artist need more practice. There's only one way to stop being afraid of the public to speak to her every day.
Put a passage from your favorite movie and try to repeat after the actors their cues, along with the action. Copy the intonation and the movements, down to the last detail. Learning from the experience of other actors, you will soon be able to develop their own unique style of play.