Advice 1: How to find out what property (the car) is on the person

Information about the accessories of car a particular person is private, outsiders can learn it only in strictly defined cases. So, the authorised bodies shall provide relevant information upon request of the court, investigative bodies, court bailiffs.
How to find out what property (the car) is on the person
The need for information about the ownership of the car to a specific person usually occurs when the necessity of foreclosure on the property. As a General rule without a compelling reason and request from the public authority of such information, the traffic police does not provide. Public access of such data is also not laid out, as are personal in nature. Other sources that have reliable data base on registration of vehicles to certain people, simply does not exist. The only exceptions are those categories of officials who by law are obliged to declare information on the property owned by them, including information about cars.

Requests of the authorized bodies

The most common way of obtaining information about the ownership of the transport to a specific person is in the direction of request on behalf of the investigative or judicial authorities, bailiffs. So, if you have instituted enforcement proceedings in respect of a particular citizen, the claimant may apply to the bailiff on the request of the organs of traffic police with the aim of establishing vehicles that belong to the debtor. Subsequently, the said property can be seized, levied in the prescribed manner. Similar requests, but with other goals, can guide the investigative and judicial authorities in the framework of the initiated civil, administrative, criminal cases.

How to learn about the cars inside the property officers?

Much easier to get information about cars belonging to those officials, who have to periodically report their income and assets. In this case, it is sufficient to go to the official website of the relevant public authority, where public access is laid out annual Declaration with detailed information about the assets of officials. The information above is information to the public, therefore free access to any interested person. You should avoid sentences of questionable services that offer to install all the cars, which is in the ownership of a specific person. The competent authorities do not currently support the functioning of such services, so the information in them can be misleading.

Advice 2: How to find out everything about the car

Each pedestrian wants to buy an iron horse, but not everyone can afford to buy a new car. The possibility of acquiring a used car is a long time, but there are more scammers. And therefore there is a possibility to give their blood for the broken, unfit to drive or stolen iron beauty. Wizard cosmetic repairs able of drowned or Changeling to do just candy, but such a serious accident do not go to the car without a trace.
How to find out everything about the car
You will need
  • Internet, expert assessment of the car, a professional devices.
Once you have decided on the car, ask the seller about it in great detail. Try not to miss the smallest detail - all this will help you to enquire about transport. It is necessary to record the most important details about the car, so as not to confuse. Inquire this information through a friend in the traffic police, or just by coming to this service.
The most common problem faced by inexperienced used car buyer, is a broken engine. What to do? Check the legality and compliance engine, breaking the Internet through a special program. Simply enter in the search engine "identification (verification) VIN code". Depending on in which country were collected your car, choose a website with a database, hammered the VIN code into the active area and press the button "get information". Such data about the carlike year, make, manufacturer, location, model year, serial number and special features you will see on the screen after a few moments in a new window.
Few know that the drive is native, you have to be sure that other parts of the body, and others were not going to like components from the computer. For this invite for a inspection specialist. He must be special devices - calipers, for example. It will determine whether the machine or parts repainted. The spectrometer can also detect the presence of transitions after painting. Well, a lot of special equipment to check the integrity of the body.
Refuse the purchase if the seller agrees to a full inspection of the car and on examination. Received unmotivated refusal, you immediately realize that about the car and know nothing else - the deal is risky.
Useful advice
If you buy a foreign car, try to find out, crossed the car border.
The best way to learn about the machine all - to turn to professionals.
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