You will need
  • the statement in traffic police;
  • - your passport or driver's licence;
  • computer.
To find the owner or find out who is the owner of the car, call the traffic police of any region. Write a statement to specify the number of vehicles or digital, letter fragments, and the reason for the investigation.
Within a few hours, sometimes the search takes a few minutes, will give you all the information about the vehicle and its owner. The total database contains all of the information which includes passport data, address of residence and domicile, and contact phone numbers.
If you are on the scene of an accident, and the perpetrator fled, you do not have the right to remove the vehicle from the scene, so call the police, call an inspector to the scene of the accident, in writing, describe the whole situation of a traffic accident, all of the information that you are aware about the car that the scene of the accident disappeared.
If there are witnesses, then you should submit testimony to the shared information and take the contact numbers below if you need to contact all the witnesses.
If you are outside of the settlement, and you don't have the phone or the battery, get to the nearest post of traffic police on duty and explain to the inspectors the whole situation. What are the state vehicle registration number or digital, letter fragment.
The traffic police will take immediate measures to search of the car, and will also report on all the posts on the wanted list of transportation with these registration numbers.
If you do not have time to personally go to the police or you want to start searching for the owner by registration number, please refer to the paid or free databases in the Internet. In the online you will learn all the information about the owner on the state registration number, but you need to enter the entire alphanumeric code of the vehicle.