Advice 1: How to find out who the owner of the car

There are situations when it is necessary to establish the identity of the owner of the car. Usually such a need arises in the event of an accident, if one of the participants left the scene of an accident, or when you buy machine. For this you will need the registration number of the car.
How to find out who the owner of the car
You will need
  • - the number of the machine;
  • - electronic database of car license plates.
In the event of an accident the first thing to do is call the police and report the accident. If you remember the number of the participant of road accident, left the scene of the accident then the offender needs to find quickly. If there is room, then have to wait some time until law enforcement will not find the "missing" party to the accident.
If the information about the owner of the car you need to know where and how to use car before you buy it, then try to find the electronic databases of license plates or You need to download the base license plate for the appropriate region (the index).
In a database search, you need to enter the desired car number. So you set the identity of the owner of the car. The databases contain such data as name, a series and passport number, information about residence and phone numbers. Some of the information may be obsolete or absent.
Owned car firm, you can also run it. Then you know the company name, legal address, VAT number, name of supervisor and contact telephone numbers of the firm.
Without the VIN you will not be able to obtain information about who the owner of the car. So always keep track of the number. This applies to accidents, and the purchase of the car.
Useful advice
Never get the base traffic police with questionable resources. Rather, instead of bases you will get a virus or some malware.

Another common mistake those who are looking for the owner of the car is to appeal to the traffic police with false information. For example, a person calling the traffic police in order to find out information about the owner of the car and says the car nearly ran him over at the crossroads and calls the number. In the case of disclosure of fraud that frequently occurs, the liar faces an administrative penalty for providing false information.

Advice 2 : How to know the registration number of the insured

Registration numbers are assigned to insured persons entrepreneurs and legal entities making contributions to the Pension Fund, social insurance Fund and compulsory medical insurance Funds. In most cases you can recognize them by telephone or by personal visit to the provider you office Fund.
How to know the registration number of the insured
You will need
  • - INN of the entrepreneur or organization, or transmission of the organization;
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • phone;
  • - constituent documents of the enterprise or entrepreneur.
The easiest way to know the number of the insured in the social insurance Fund. To do this, go to his website and on the page to enter your VAT number or to the organization of PPC in the search form and click on the button "Search".
You can also call your regional branch of the Fund or to visit him personally.
Other funds of such information via the Internet is not available.
The ability to know your number of insured in the Pension Fund by telephone depends on the specific Department. In some of such information and provide on call, others only by personal visit.
To visit the offices of the Foundation to bring your passport, certificate of registration of an entrepreneur or enterprise, and the data was in the presence of a CAT.
The situation is similar in territorial Fund of obligatory medical insurance. If the number is not given over the phone, you will have to visit his office serving your address of registered or legal address of the enterprise, with the same set of documents.
Useful advice
If you are sent notification of registration of the funds or other letters from, try to find them. There is a registration number of the insured in the relevant Fund must be present.
Information about these data may be present in the extract from EGRUL or egrip that you can get tax free or urgency for money.

Advice 3 : How to find car owner by number

There are situations when you desperately need information about the owner of the car, and the only thing you know about him is his license plate. The most reliable source in this case – the traffic police who check the license plates of the car through its database and find the owner of the car.
How to find car owner by number
You will need
  • the statement in traffic police;
  • - search on the specialized sites;
  • survey friends, acquaintances, witnesses, neighbors, etc.
The most reliable information is the information obtained from official sources. To search for the owner of the car on his numbers contact police with the appropriate application. Note that the information on the owners of license plates shall be confidential and to comply with your request without good reason, no one will. Is that an old friendship or a bribe. However, if the car with these numbers hurt you or your family, there's a chance that you will report on its owner and open a criminal case. That is, as you can see, to appeal to the traffic police to find the owner of the car, you need to have serious arguments.
The second way to find information of interest – specialized sites. Now the Internet has many resources with databases, where you can find the name and even the address of the car owner. For the accuracy of the results and their reliability, however, difficult to guarantee, but you can try. In particular, we are talking about sites such as (information is provided for a fee) and All you need to do is write the car number and record the resulting information about the owner.
Try to find information through their friends and acquaintances. Chances are slim, but you never know. If the car is often parked in one place, near some companies, probably, the owner works there, or often visited on business. Then we can assume that the employees of the neighbouring building's car Park know you are interested in the person and remember the number of his car. Try to ask them about the owner of the car, see the doorman, the janitor or the security guard. Suddenly you are lucky and you will get the information you need without too much difficulty.

Advice 4 : How to find a legal address at the INN

When registering your organization, a prerequisite is the formulation of its tax accounting. To this end, the management firm must provide to tax authorities the following content: organizational Pravovoy form, the name, legal and actual address, information about administration of the composition, etc. All the data registered in the unified state register of taxpayers, after which the organization was assigned that in the future you can get the necessary information about the company, including its details.
How to find a legal address at the INN

Search engines

To know the address of the organization at the INN perhaps online through search engine. You need to specify in the search string Yandex or Google ID. The search result will be found links to third-party database, where in addition to the legal address, you can find the registration data of enterprises, information about the founders, financial performance and various events related to the activities of companies. This method of finding ' suitable only for legal entities. If necessary domicile is issued on an individual entrepreneur, then this method of search is unlikely to yield results.

The unified state register

Free information about organizations can be found in the electronic databases of the tax authorities, posted on the Internet. The unified Federal register of legal entities posted on the official website and is freely available. This resource implemented advanced search, where you can find the legal address of the organization by its name or by INN. The disadvantage of this site is that the information is available only to legal entities.

The legal address of companies, regardless of their organizational-legal forms can be found on the official website of the Federal tax service The search is carried out according to two criteria: "Legal person" and "Individual entrepreneurs/peasant". To search for information you must specify one or more of the known data:
- Bin or INN;
- name of organization or name of individual entrepreneur;
- region location or place of residence.
In practice, legal and actual address of the legal persons often do not coincide. The individual entrepreneurs as the legal address is the address of the residence of the entrepreneur.

Extract from the state registry

Details of the organization, including legal address, are available upon request to the tax office. Within five days the tax authority is obliged to provide a statement in writing obtained from the unified state register of legal entities or individual entrepreneurs (EGRUL or egrip).
Jur. individuals INN is assigned at registration in the tax Inspectorate. If the sole proprietorship is used INN natural person. Therefore in tax accounting used 2 databases: the register and egrip

This service is available for a fee. For statement should refer to any tax authority by writing in any form and attaching the payment receipt. Standard statement will cost 200 rubles, but the urgent request to be granted no later than the next day after the submission of the application, will cost 400 rubles.

Advice 5 : How to check your car by VIN-code free

Currently, there are ways to break the car VIN-code free, to know the year of production, country-producer, model, and get other accurate information about the purchased car. You can use the special Internet resources or simply apply to the traffic police.
you can run the car on the VIN-code free
The easiest way to run the car on the VIN-code free – to-enter vehicle identification number in any search engine and see the results. If the car is stolen or has been in a serious accident, chances are you know it from traffic police reports or read other information resources. It is also possible, the former owner of the car tried to sell it earlier and could post somewhere for more data about it. In addition, you may be asked to find information about the car users of the popular automotive forums, links to which you'll find below. Among them are former employees of the traffic police and just technical experts, they will assist you using your professional skills.
Please visit Vin Auto to break the car by VIN-code free. Just enter you VIN into the search bar on the home page and you will get information such as year, model and make, body style and engine, country of origin and the records in the AutoCheck system. Please note that the site collects information from other resources that provides information about vehicles and information about some of the VIN codes may be missing partially or completely.
In a car VIN-code can be in the city or district Department of traffic police, but this will need the original registration certificate of the car, containing its identification number. In addition, it is best to drive to the Department of traffic police the car with its owner, to the officers personally inspected the vehicle and believed it with VIN-code, registering in Protocol. After that, the inspectors will verify in its database, figured if the car is in traffic accidents, not whether it's associated with crime and is not secured.
Information on cars purchased abroad, to break free fail. However, there are resources to obtain the necessary information for a symbolic sum, which usually does not exceed 200 rubles. The most popular of which is Carfax. Here you will find information about several billions of cars that were sold in the U.S. and Canada.
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