You will need
  • - the number of the machine;
  • - electronic database of car license plates.
In the event of an accident the first thing to do is call the police and report the accident. If you remember the number of the participant of road accident, left the scene of the accident then the offender needs to find quickly. If there is room, then have to wait some time until law enforcement will not find the "missing" party to the accident.
If the information about the owner of the car you need to know where and how to use car before you buy it, then try to find the electronic databases of license plates or You need to download the base license plate for the appropriate region (the index).
In a database search, you need to enter the desired car number. So you set the identity of the owner of the car. The databases contain such data as name, a series and passport number, information about residence and phone numbers. Some of the information may be obsolete or absent.
Owned car firm, you can also run it. Then you know the company name, legal address, VAT number, name of supervisor and contact telephone numbers of the firm.