Help the absence of ownership right citizens when dealing with the various government authorities for obtaining certain benefits, placement on the waiting list for housing, participation in Federal and regional programs. The presence of this reference implies the absence of the person of real property, because only information about him is officially registered and entered into the unified register. Maintenance of this document is carried out by Federal registration service and its territorial divisions (regional offices and divisions). It is in these units should be contacted for information about the absence of ownership. At the same time to refuse to provide statements at the request of those bodies can not, as entered in the register information is public and is available for a fee to all comers.

What you need to do to get help?

For a certificate confirming absence of immovable property should contact the nearest division of the Federal service for state registration or Cadastral chamber, which also serves to provide information. The technician will need his own written statement with the request for certificate of absence of property from the individual citizen, his passport or other identity document, and a receipt or a payment order confirming the payment for the provision of information. Details for making payment can be found on the official website of the office of Rosreestr of the region in which the information is requested. If the application is not by the citizen and his representative, then you will also need to submit a power of attorney with relevant powers.

What to do in case of refusal to provide information?

The denial of the certificate of ownership is issued in writing, therefore, the applicant may appeal against the act in court. In practice, such waivers are relatively rare, because an incorrect registration request or the enclosed documents specialist immediately informs the applicant about it and suggests to make the necessary changes. Statement of grant a statement to a specific person may be submitted in electronic form, which will require the use of the personal Cabinet on the portal of state services.

Before applying we recommend that you carefully study the legal acts regulating the process of interaction with state authorities, requesting a certificate of absence of ownership. In most cases, this document authorities should obtain their own (in the framework of interdepartmental interaction), and not to shift the responsibility to receive citizens.