You will need
  • - contacting the Police;
  • - check on the database.
Car mandatory test regarding the theft at registration. But if you don't trust this test, contact any post-traffic control. Employees Dorozhno-patrol service will check the car for existing databases and find out whether the machine is in a Federal or international wanted list. The latter is possible thanks to the integration of Russian databases into one system with the database of Interpol.
If you still do not want to contact law enforcement officers check a car at special sites. The Internet now has many sites that offer check the car for theft. In particular, we are talking about "" or "". The car "chase" by its VIN-code, international databases "CarFax", "AutoCheck" and "AutoTrans" (at least, so say the developers).
Many dealerships also offer a service of checking car theft, but it is best to check car is still in the state traffic Inspectorate. It is the most reliable method.
To protect yourself from buying a stolen vehicle, try to purchase it from an authorized representative of the automaker. This is a 100% guarantee that your future car is not stolen.
When removing the machine from the register, go with the former owner of the car to the local division of the state traffic Inspectorate and check the procedure of registration of documents. Check the number plate, see to the correct execution, etc. When removing the vehicle from the account the police check the car for all the available search databases and determine how he was "clean".
Remember that buying a used car, you increase the risk of acquiring criminal cars, as documents can be forged, and the plates broken. If you bought a stolen car, you can say goodbye to their money, or try to sue the person who sold you a stolen car. But, as a rule, this too is fictional.