Advice 1: How to learn the history of the car VIN-code

VIN code is the primary identifier by which you can know virtually everything about the car. It is encrypted and the year of issue and the country-manufacturer, and the model in General, almost all the technical characteristics of the car. However,in the VIN-code, you can find out the full history of the car.
How to learn the history of the car VIN-code
You will need
  • -certificate for the vehicle;
  • -Internet
If the vehicle you purchased abroad, e.g. in USA, learn its history via the VIN number you can via the Internet. To do this you need to go to the sites or Here you can find information on more than 4 billion vehicles sold in the U.S. or Canada. Moreover, the data obtained from different sources. So here you can get very detailed information about your machine. This information paid. The report will cost you about 200 rubles.
If you pay for information you don't want, try to use the services of the website You can also use "collective intelligence" and to turn to experienced forum users on the Internet. To do this, go to any automotive forum. For example, one that applies to your model car. There in the relevant section: "How to break the car by Vinu?" you can easily find several experienced experts. Just enough to lose them your code and they will try to find all the necessary information. The answer will be sent to your email.
Please contact the traffic police. For this you need the data sheet of the vehicle where is the VIN number. The traffic police inspectors in his base unable to test, does not listed for your car participate in road traffic accidents was not listed if he wanted, not associated with any serious crime, and whether your car is the collateral.
You can try to look for the information on the vehicle and just in Internet search engines. To do this, simply type your number in place of a search engine and click search. Perhaps the previous owner turned any question regarding your car on the dedicated forums and there prescribed VIN. However, the chances that he did not so much. But for fun, you can try.

Advice 2 : Vehicle history

The first vehicle emerged recently. But it has a more ancient history. After all, long before the end of the nineteenth century many well-known mechanics tried to create something like this vehicle.
Vehicle history

Often, these attempts led to failure, and often to devastating failures. For priority for a long time were steam engines, which was not distinguished by any striking features, and had rather a lot of disadvantages. So the way this type of vehicle was arduous and difficult. And yet well-known scientists gave him life and continued its development. All this and more – car.

The car is a four-wheeled transport vehicle, the main component of which is the internal combustion engine. For a long time, however, the priority for this vehicle was the steam engine, which in turn brought a lot of hassle and trouble. It was necessary to find that early engine replacement. And this change came only after quite a long time.

Difficult to call a car barely holding on stilts tractor or the like it with a steam engine, the speed of which the strength exceeds ten miles per hour. Difficult. But it is possible. These were the first steam engines. In particular, the first Russian scientist Kulibin created a similar mechanism. But the spread further he received. For a long time, many well-known Western engineers have created these designs for a couple.

This caused a misunderstanding from a society that demanded progress. It seemed that the cars came to an end... But come the nineteenth century, the Old and the New light have made an interesting and unprecedented discoveries that were subsequently struck by the whole world. Famous German scientist Karl Benz in the late eighties of the nineteenth century created something like a "three-wheeled carriages with internal combustion engine".

It was the first real car, which is known to this day. Benz built the entire car model. Though his career was short-lived. His car became popular in the world, and his company collapsed. Only after some time, the invention of the Benz found its use. To date, according to his instructions slightly improved, created a new, better and more interesting cars. All this is done thanks to one German scientist, Karl Benz.

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