Advice 1: How to learn the history of the car VIN-code

VIN code is the primary identifier by which you can know virtually everything about the car. It is encrypted and the year of issue and the country-manufacturer, and the model in General, almost all the technical characteristics of the car. However,in the VIN-code, you can find out the full history of the car.
How to learn the history of the car VIN-code
You will need
  • -certificate for the vehicle;
  • -Internet
If the vehicle you purchased abroad, e.g. in USA, learn its history via the VIN number you can via the Internet. To do this you need to go to the sites or Here you can find information on more than 4 billion vehicles sold in the U.S. or Canada. Moreover, the data obtained from different sources. So here you can get very detailed information about your machine. This information paid. The report will cost you about 200 rubles.
If you pay for information you don't want, try to use the services of the website You can also use "collective intelligence" and to turn to experienced forum users on the Internet. To do this, go to any automotive forum. For example, one that applies to your model car. There in the relevant section: "How to break the car by Vinu?" you can easily find several experienced experts. Just enough to lose them your code and they will try to find all the necessary information. The answer will be sent to your email.
Please contact the traffic police. For this you need the data sheet of the vehicle where is the VIN number. The traffic police inspectors in his base unable to test, does not listed for your car participate in road traffic accidents was not listed if he wanted, not associated with any serious crime, and whether your car is the collateral.
You can try to look for the information on the vehicle and just in Internet search engines. To do this, simply type your number in place of a search engine and click search. Perhaps the previous owner turned any question regarding your car on the dedicated forums and there prescribed VIN. However, the chances that he did not so much. But for fun, you can try.

Advice 2: How to check VIN code

VIN-code car - a modern unified international vehicle ID. On a VIN-code it is possible to know the origin of the car, year of manufacture, brand, manufacturing company.
How to check VIN code
You will need
  • Registration certificate of ownership, technical passport of the vehicle, the car
The VIN number of the vehicle recorded in the Certificate of title to the vehicle and the Technical passport of the car in the "VIN code" and is duplicated in the column "number of bodies". VIN consists of seventeen characters which can be numbers and letters. Conventionally, the VIN can be broken down into 3 parts. Each symbol VIN carries a specific information:
1st, 2nd, 3rd characters of the VIN - world index of the manufacturer, designed to the manufacturer for the purpose of its identification. The code consists of three characters: the first means the geographic area, the second country in this area, and the third a specific manufacturer.
The first character indicates the country of origin:

1, 4, 5 - U.S.

2 - Canada

3 - Mexico

9 - Brazil

J - Japan

K - Korea

S - England

V - Spain

W - Germany

Y - Sweden

Z - Brazil

Z - Italy

The second character is the manufacturer:

1 - Chevrolet

2 or 5 - Pontiac

3 - Oldsmobile

4 - Buick

6 - Cadillac

7 - GM Canada

8 - Saturn

A – Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover



In - Dodge

D - Dodge

With - Chrysler

D - Mercedes Benz

J - Mercedes Benz (USA), Jeep

F – Ford, Ferrari, Fiat, Subaru

G - General Motors

H – Honda, Acura

L - Lincoln

M – Mercury, Mitsubishi, Skoda, Hyundai

And - Mitsubishi (USA)

N – Nissan, Infiniti

O - Opel

P - Plymouth

S – Isuzu, Suzuki

T – Toyota, Lexus

V - Volvo, Volkswagen
The third character indicates the vehicle type or manufacturing division.
4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th characters in the VIN is the narrative. The second section of the VIN consists of six characters that describe the properties of the car. What are the signs, the sequence of their arrangement and their meaning is defined by the manufacturer. Unused item, the manufacturer is entitled to fill in a select in its sole discretion marks. 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th characters represent the body type, engine type, model, series, etc. 9th character - check digit VIN that determines the correctness of VIN-number.
10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th characters of the VIN is a distinctive part of the car. The third part of the VIN is a composed of eight characters in the third section. The last four characters of this section must be numbers. Tenth character indicates the model year:

A - 1980

B - 1981

C - 1982

D - 1983

E - 1984

F - 1985

G - 1986

H - 1987

J - 1988

K - 1989

L - 1990

M – 1991

N – 1992

P – 1993

R – 1994

S – 1995

T – 1996

V – 1997

W – 1998

X – 1999

Y – 2000

1 – 2001

2 – 2002

3 – 2003

4 – 2004

5 – 2005

6 – 2006

7 – 2007

8 – 2008

9 – 2009
The eleventh character indicates the Assembly plant of the vehicle.
12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th symbols is the sequence of the vehicle production flow during the Assembly line.
Useful advice
Vehicles such as Hyundai, Ford, Kia, available in Russia, and their VIN-code that begins with the letter H. Their VIN number may not break in programmes for the selection of spare parts. To establish the VIN of the car world sample look for it stamped on the back of the machine. Most often, it is embossed under the windshield on the driver's side of the hood.

Advice 3: How to check history of vehicle

Very often before buying a car future owners want to know the history of the car. Because the only way to understand whether the accident, whether the machine overhaul and painting. Then in the process of operation there were unpleasant surprises, and it is necessary to clarify the story.
How to check history of vehicle
You will need
  • In order to learn the history of the car, you will need:
  • -registration certificate;
  • insurance company;
  • computer;
  • -the Internet.
First, to verify the information on the car to use its VIN number. The main thing is to decode it. Its length should be no more and no less than 17 characters. The VIN consists of a combination of numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet. The only exception applies to the letters I, O, Q - in your room should not be. Further in the order. The first three digits - manufacturer code (code of continent, the manufacturer, type of car , respectively). From 4 to 9 characters - a description of the car. Namely, model, body type, type and displacement, transmission type, etc. Characters 10 and 12, as a rule, talk about the year of manufacture of the car. The last five values - the number of the body. To find out all the information you need to enter your VIN in the online database of cars and know all that is needed.
How to check <b>history</b> <strong>vehicle</strong>
Also check the history of the machine can be under the state registration number. The traffic police needs to store data about all the accidents that have occurred with the vehicle under this number. Unless, of course, the owner had applied.
How to check <b>history</b> <strong>vehicle</strong>
On the subject of repainting, repair and replacement of parts can be consulted in the checked service. There after examination will tell you in details what works have been car. For example, painting can easily detect the thickness of the paint. She will be greatly different from the common factory.
How to check <b>history</b> <strong>vehicle</strong>
If the car is young enough, and he only had one owner, and besides, was purchased in the same region where the potential buyer to check his history through the dealership. Why through the official representatives? Yes, because a new car about three years they are warranty. And it they must deal with.
Also get information about the history of accidents this car can be and through serving the insurance company. In their database must be reported all cases of treatment and of the breakages and damage vehicles.

Advice 4: How to know not listed if the car was stolen

Buying a car, every car owner wants to be sure that his car is "clean", i.e. is not in the hijacking. This can be done in several ways, but it is best to contact the Police, where for a fee, your car will check on the legality of its possession.
How to know not listed if the car was stolen
You will need
  • - contacting the Police;
  • - check on the database.
Car mandatory test regarding the theft at registration. But if you don't trust this test, contact any post-traffic control. Employees Dorozhno-patrol service will check the car for existing databases and find out whether the machine is in a Federal or international wanted list. The latter is possible thanks to the integration of Russian databases into one system with the database of Interpol.
If you still do not want to contact law enforcement officers check a car at special sites. The Internet now has many sites that offer check the car for theft. In particular, we are talking about "" or "". The car "chase" by its VIN-code, international databases "CarFax", "AutoCheck" and "AutoTrans" (at least, so say the developers).
Many dealerships also offer a service of checking car theft, but it is best to check car is still in the state traffic Inspectorate. It is the most reliable method.
To protect yourself from buying a stolen vehicle, try to purchase it from an authorized representative of the automaker. This is a 100% guarantee that your future car is not stolen.
When removing the machine from the register, go with the former owner of the car to the local division of the state traffic Inspectorate and check the procedure of registration of documents. Check the number plate, see to the correct execution, etc. When removing the vehicle from the account the police check the car for all the available search databases and determine how he was "clean".
Remember that buying a used car, you increase the risk of acquiring criminal cars, as documents can be forged, and the plates broken. If you bought a stolen car, you can say goodbye to their money, or try to sue the person who sold you a stolen car. But, as a rule, this too is fictional.
Useful advice
Luck can smile at you, if the former owner refuses the rights to the car (getting a refund on the insurance). Then there is a small chance that the car will give you.

Advice 5: As for the VIN to know the year of the car

If a carproduced abroad, are not indicated in PTS year of issue, is it possible to determine it by the VIN code? In most cases, as, for example, in U.S. cars, the indication of the year in the VIN is necessary.
As for the VIN to know the year of the car
However, in many other countries of the VIN is the only recommendation, so not all firms put it. What is VIN and where to look for the year of the car?
VIN is “Vehicle Identification Number”, i.e. the VIN number, which consists of seventeen position alphanumeric code. This code contains information about the manufacturer and model of car, the year of its release and the chassis number or car. This code is used in twenty-four countries that are members of ISO – International standards organization. VIN stamped on the car body.
The first three digits of the code indicate the manufacturer, the position of the fourth through eighth vehicle type, ninth entry is free, but the tenth or eleventh just indicates year. The remaining positions from the twelfth to the seventh to give the chassis number or car.
American factories indicate the year of issue on the eleventh place, and doing the same European producers of "Ford and the producers of the "Audi , "Reno , "Porsche "Saab , "Volkswagen , "Honda , "Volvo , "Isuzu , "VAZ , "Opel , "the Rover , "the Jaguar and some other less well-known in Russia company – on the tenth.
The year of the car is a letter or digit. The exact symbol, you can look in special directories, for example for Russia available in Russian language guide “Autoident”, where you can find information on almost all cars manufactured worldwide. The principle of codification can be explained thus: from 1971 to 1979 – the numbers from 1 to 9; from 1980 to 2000, the Latin letters A to Y (excluding O, Q, and U and, accordingly, the last letter of the alphabet Z); from 2001 to 2009, again the numbers from 1 to 9; and starting in 2010, again in Latin letters, starting with A. by Following these simple tips, you can easily find out the year of manufacture of the machine.
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