You will need
  • - an urgent call to the police;
  • - a statement to the police;
  • - opening of the criminal case on the fact of theft;
  • appeal for wanted auto in the media.
Not finding the Parking lot his "iron horse", immediately call the police. If a signal is sent to the person on duty for half an hour from the car theft in your area will announce a plan "Interception". In the capital, he often helps find stolen cars. Moreover, there is a special car that reads the numbers of the car in traffic and "punching" them in the computer for theft.
Call duty, go to the nearest police station and write a statement about the loss of the car. Make your statement by all the rules, this will force the guardians of the law to act. Periodically inquire to the police and be interested in the results of searches. Behave intelligent, but persistently.
At the police station, take a receipt and find out exactly who will search your car. Don't forget to also get a certificate confirming that you had contacted the police about the theft of the car. She will need to appeal to the insurance company and payment of insurance on system the hull.
The police take a copy of the document on opening of a criminal case. This copy together with the insurance policy, police certificate, registration documents and car keys to take him to the insurance company and write down the statement about insured event. The insurance company certainly won't be able to find and return the car for you, but will pay the appropriate insurance. Its size will be equal to the market value of the car at the time of the theft, taking into account depreciation. Usually, insurance companies pay only after the suspension of the criminal case.
If the police find a car thief, contact the court for recovery from offender compensation for damages and moral harm. Don't forget to apply to the court statement of medical documents and receipts.
To search a car, contact the media (radio, newspaper), detailing signs your vehicle. Ask friends to explore the surrounding courtyards, ask the traffic police to the recent accidents, go around all the car and impound lots. If you manage to find one of them similar machine, contact the police. Not find out with the vendor relations independently, it can result in negative consequences.