Ancient sex

In General, oral sex is a form of sex in which the partners caress each other tongues and lips. Interestingly, this kind of sex known since the days of Ancient Greece. Then it was considered a sign of aristocracy, who have noticed that, caressing each other's language, we can deliver much more pleasure than your fingers.

Oral pleasure incomparable power of the fun with nothing. It does not matter what part of the body will be exposed to, it is important, what is the purpose of caressing.

This kind of sex can be a good beginning of foreplay, this applies to both men and women. Caress of intimate places, and in General partner's body with tongue and lips contribute to the rapid excitation. According to sexologists, most women are not able to experience orgasm if they are deprived of oral sex.

Varieties of oral sex

Oral sex exists in two forms. Cunnilingus – when a man's tongue and lips caressing female genitals, and fellucia – on the contrary. It is worth saying that in a society still largely exist stereotypes that impose bans on intimate relationships of this kind. Often women are embarrassed and don't allow the partner to caress them "out there", considering it something unclean and obscene. However, it should be remembered that the genitals of a healthy well-groomed woman may not disgust men. On the contrary, the natural scent of a woman it will only excite.

On the other hand, some men don't want to make cunnilingus to a woman for the same reasons, although they do not refuse oral sex. Such alliances are short-lived and can fall apart because of imposed stereotypes and unwillingness to meet each other.

Despite the fact that oral sex loved by all men, without exception, the woman should know that it is not necessary to proceed immediately to stimulation of the penis by mouth. First, you need to kiss your partner in the neck, behind the ears, caress the tongue nipples. But many women do not even think how men's nipples can be sensitive, considering it a sign of female sexuality. Only after the partner is sufficiently excited, you go to the inner thighs, the scrotum, the testicles and the penis. In relation to the male sexual organ the mouth movement women can be suck, licking, etc. the Main thing is to ensure not to touch the flesh with your teeth.

Also men do not immediately attached his lips to the clitoris. In oral caresses, the rule top-down.