Simply to be a friend

First you need to make friends with girls. To go with her to clubs, movies, and other interesting places. To be simple and straightforward, attentive, and tell interesting and funny stories. Thus, the man will show the inner world, entice the companion, and how would you tame it.

"Three day rule"

Within a few days of this friendship, the man should show restraint, and even if the girl is very attractive, not to take her hand during meetings, not to touch her even a finger. And especially not to try to hug and kiss her goodbye.

Experienced lovers call this technique "the rule of three days". After three days of this friendship, the girl will start to wonder why the man even tries to touch her. Will go to the mirror, carefully to examine ourselves, trying to figure out what's wrong with her looks.

After all, a man so gentle, attentive and caring with her. And all the more she will wonder why he's not interested in her as a woman. And on the fourth day she begins to provoke the man. Will try to take his hand to kiss when meeting or at parting.

No rush

Of course, the man needs to answer these touches and kisses. But don't rush things, and try every time I get to feel the Breasts and other parts of the body girls. It may be that kissing, she's not ready to go "next". Therefore a man should behave gently and patiently, give her the opportunity to feel safe with him.

Artful bra

Being together alone, continuing to hug and kiss the girl, the man himself will feel that she's ready to continue. If the touch of her hands and body will be a passionate and hasty, we can begin to undress her.

First, carefully and gently remove her top clothes, and then, continuing to kiss the face, shoulders and hands to undo the bra. And this part of the female toilet is very "crafty". Sometimes the clasp on it is very cleverly hidden, and once they are what to undo, but hard to find. As time goes on, and if kissing the man too long to pull the bra girl, she's cool, and she did not want to continue to undress at this point.

Therefore it is necessary to work out if there is enough experience in this regard. For example, to come to the store of lingerie, and in the guise of the buyer to examine different options of bras to see how they fit and are fastened.


But even stripped the girl to the end, not rush things. It may be, she undressed, not because he wants sex, but in order not to offend man, or show that is old enough and is not afraid of "adult" relationships.

If a man undressed the girl, he has not yet undressed, and continues to gently hug her, to kiss, it has all the chances a young woman will throw the last doubts, and begin to undress.