The best time for lanieta – after a shower. Then you are both very relaxed, fresh and, most importantly, clean. Also, you can offer your girl to take a bath with relaxing oils for 15 minutes accompanied by pleasant music.
After a shower, it is appropriate to do sensual massage. Keep in mind that the best thing to do as it were spontaneously, and without breaking on the steps. Massage oil with extracts of patchouli has a relaxing effect and stimulating. Gently massage the girl's entire body with emphasis on legs and intimate area.
You can now go to the main exciting parts. Put a girl in the most comfortable position for her, most often, when it back. Start to kiss her belly, inner thighs, are particularly susceptible to such caresses, and the genital area to your favorite used to the sensations, as this delicate area can not tolerate sudden impacts.
Start slowly and gently to stimulate the clitoris his partner, and then when it is closer to the point of excitation, you should be careful to dissolve the girl's feet (this is important both for your convenience and its more fun) and start oral stimulation of the genitals.
You can do this several ways, for example, gently hold a soft relaxed tongue to the genital lips, stopping on the clitoris. Circular rotation closer to the vagina will cause a lot of delight to your beloved, but try to do everything smoothly, or in a fit of passion you accidentally hurt her.
Tighten your language so that it became a little sharp at the end, and begin alternately to stimulate their clitoris, and then the area of the vagina, as if trying to penetrate him with tongue. Not worth it to do quickly, focus on the feeling of his girlfriend: if she is not strained, and continues to be excited, then everything goes right.
The G-spot as it is not necessary to write not attention. At the time of special excitement slowly insert two fingers close together in the vagina about 5 cm, and start the smooth movement of "attraction" towards you, never ceasing to stimulate the clitoris and labia language. Feel that the atmosphere is heated?
After the peak of pleasure passed, and she received the coveted orgasm, you should not abruptly discontinue of affection. Finish laniet in the same smooth rhythm as he started gently swiping tongue across the intimate region of your sweetheart.
The final touch should be kissing the inner thigh area. After bring her legs together, kiss stomach, and, rising higher, slide gently lips on my chest and neck. Let your girl relax, languidly lie with closed eyes and a smile on his face, and later can please her a drink and warm hugs.