Advice 1: Can you get gonorrhea during oral sex

If one of the partners was diagnosed with gonorrhea at the time of treatment excludes all types of sexual contact, because even the most innocuous oral sex the risk of Contracting sexually transmitted diseases present. The second half should also be tested and treated if necessary, and further to prevent the pair we recommend the use of flavoured condoms.
So romance was not marred by unpleasant consequences in the form of sexually transmitted diseases, should take care of the methods of their prevention

What is gonorrhea and how is it manifested?

Gonorrhea is an infectious disease of the genitourinary system caused by gonorrhea and sexually transmitted diseases. In women, the disease is expressed by symptoms such as: pain in the abdomen and swelling of the external genitalia, irregular menses and the appearance of purulent discharge from the vagina between menstrual periods, fever and pain during urination and intercourse.

In infected men, frequent urge to urinate, it becomes painful and is accompanied by a burning sensation. The opening of the urethra is red and swollen, and from it appear purulent discharge. Thus, the signs of gonorrhea in both sexes is almost identical.

Can develop gonorrhea after oral sex?

The term "oral sex" refers to fondling of the genitals and anus of your partner with tongue, lips and mouth. Cunnilingus means oral sex female genitals, Blowjob male.
Some experts advise brushing your teeth before oral sex because of this hygienic procedure in the mouth can cause abrasions and scratches, through which infection can.

Its advantages include the inability of the damage to the hymen in girls, and no risk of getting pregnant. But when oral sex is carried out with an unfamiliar partner, there is the same risk of Contracting sexually transmitted diseases and vaginal and anal contact.

The reason is that in the mouth of the active partner be other people's genital fluids (semen or vaginal secretions) that contain the gonococcus. And be infected during oral sex can not only gonorrhea, but also syphilis, chlamydia, HIV and even hepatitis in all its forms.

Of course, the risk of infection is orally is not as great as in other forms of sexual intercourse, but still it exists. If you have the genitals, in the mouth or on the lips, cuts and sores the risk increases.

How to know about transmitted if gonorrhea after a Blowjob or cunnilingus?

Gonorrhea, obtained after oral sex, is often asymptomatic and is detected on the results of special tests.
Genital herpes obtained after oral sex, appears cold on the lips. Conversely, ordinary colds rashes on the lips can be a source of infection of the genitals.
However, some features can be expressed in the presence of the following deviations:
- sore throat;
- any lesions on the lips or in the mouth;
- symptoms of hepatitis in the absence of liver failure.

To prevent intrusion such unpleasant and serious disease like gonorrhea, oral sex should be engaged only with a condom (male or female). Spermicidal lubricant for this purpose is not in use.

Advice 2 : What infections are transmitted orally

Diseases transmitted oral route, usually associated with genital infections or microorganisms that can cause lesions of the digestive system. Bacteria enter the human body through the oral cavity in contact with the source of infection.
What infections are transmitted orally
Diseases, sexually transmitted can be to get into the body through oral sex. Despite the fact that this form of exercise sexual intercourse is relatively safe, compared with vaginal or anal sex, the transmission of most infections are also possible. For example, the probability of HIV infection remains high.
Oral and genital herpes are different forms of the virus, but a herpes infection is possible both during oral sex and kissing. The disease can be transmitted even if the carrier is missing symptoms. It is believed that papillomavirus (HPV) infection also can be transmitted orally. The infection may trigger the development of cancer of the oral cavity and larynx. Among other infections transmitted in this way include gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis.
Oral-fecal method of transmission involves both direct and indirect oral contact with the object that is the carrier of the disease. The direct method is transmission via saliva (by kissing). The indirect variant of the infection is possible through consumption of infected food or water. There is a possibility of transmission through sharing personal hygiene products (e.g. toothbrush) and Smoking one cigarette.
To the list of diseases that are transmitted oral-fecal method, include adenovirus, Coxsackie virus, cytomegalovirus, infectious mononucleosis, herpes. Through oral to oral contact, penetration of the bacteria E. coli, which provoke the development of gastritis and ulcers of the stomach and duodenum. In medical practice have been documented cases of oral transmission of hepatitis (B and A often). Toxoplasmosis, meningitis and polio can also be obtained through oral contact with a carrier. There are cases of infection with rotavirus infection (e.g., Salmonella), Shigella, tape worms and pinworms.
However, the infection is a parasitic infection most often occurs in the process of consumption of contaminated food or water and by contact with dirty objects. Prevent infection by oral route, observing the rules of hygiene and avoiding contact with people that are known to be carriers of the infection. At the onset of symptoms of the disease should contact a doctor for advice, passing tests and treatment.
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