Advice 1: Do girls long sex

A very widespread opinion that the long intercourse for women is the key to sexual satisfaction. However, the reality is not so simple. Of course, unpleasant, when the partner terminates the process before the woman managed to reach the finish line, but, as shown by numerous polls, from marathons in bed with girls too rarely happy.
Do girls long sex

Cons long sex

If you take into account that is intercourse without foreplay, the views of many women about the slowness of what is happening is similar: boring, tedious, physically difficult and sometimes even painful. The first reason for this assessment is the monotony of the partner's actions, however, it is not the main.

The other important factor for getting the excitement and satisfaction is the apparent pleasure of a partner. That is, if the young person from time to time for a long period of time can not achieve orgasm, a woman will be is a cause for concern and instead of relaxing she starts to think why this is happening and if she is to blame.

Women's arousal is very different from the male by its gradual, increase. If a man did not care about enough time on foreplay, then long after sex can cause pain or simply cause boredom and fatigue of the partner, and the inability for her the logical conclusion of the process.

Another reason why many women believe that quality is far preferable to the duration of sexual intercourse, the mechanics of the female orgasm. Not every partner is able to experience vaginal orgasm, many need constant stimulation of the clitoral area and the front wall of the vagina, which probably is not in any position. Accordingly, the long act in those positions will be for women are not more than physical exercise, and not always pleasant.
Surveys of women have found that ideal for their duration of sex is 10 minutes and duration more than 20 minutes is not for everyone.

If a girl has reached the finish line in the middle of having sex, it is not necessary to tighten it. Not all of it gives a pleasant feeling directly after orgasm, arousal decreases. And the need for women to continue to take active steps and show you how she likes what is happening, and not just relaxed looking at the ceiling, sometimes tiring her.

What girls like

In fact, not the duration of sexual intercourse is the main criterion of pleasure, and sufficient training to sex by foreplay. Over time, for example, a woman adapts to a long-term partner to have an orgasm so much easier and faster due to the fact that the partner of a well-studied her body and erogenous zones, and she behaves more actively and openly in the vicinity.

For men long intercourse is usually a reason for pride. And well, if a woman shares his enthusiasm. But the sexual preferences of every individual, and no stats don't tell you about it better than do it yourself.
Sexologists proved that the average time to achieve orgasm in men for 2 minutes, and women - 12 minutes at the targeted stimulation of the erogenous zones.
But, unfortunately, many continue to be silent too prolonged, or Vice versa, the short process, so as not to offend the partner. Confidence and ability to talk about difficult topics will help you better understand your other half and find the best answer to the question, how much time it is enough.

Advice 2: What girls like

Men for centuries have been struggling to solve a strange and unclear mechanism - the female logic. For some reason, they still can not understand what qualities should prevail in the male character to win the heart of a fragile girl.
What girls like

The simple laws of men's attractiveness

The most important thing in a man that attracts the attention of a female is confidence. The man under any circumstances, should remain a man. He is primarily a protector and a hunter - so ordered it in nature. Self-confidence is evident throughout: solid gait, the calm, measured speech. Even look needs to say that a woman is not dealing with some kind of wuss and a whiner, and master of his life. She will be instinctively attracted to a man.

Not less than necessary feature of man's nature is tenacity. This initiative and the power guys like girls. It is important to set goals that will be achieved in stages. The success of men can be measured by the number of personal victories, whether working in the field, whether in self-actualization.

Girls love generous guys. No one is saying that he needs to squander money right and left, buy her diamonds, land on the moon, but he must pay for it at a restaurant, give her gifts on holidays and at least a couple times a month to give flowers. This quality can be coupled with gallantry and the ability to behave in polite society.

Sharp mind, the ability to joke and to communicate freely with others. As you know, women love with their ears, and inarticulate, narrow-minded young person will never be able to interest and captivate a girl.

Is there a ideal of male attractiveness?

Reading quality for quality, you would think that a woman wants to meet around the corner of a Greek God descended from Olympus. And a beautiful, smart, and strong. Probably men will think that women are guided by stereotypes. However, many women, so many opinions.

Is important to someone, so close to her was slender and handsome, a sort of aesthetic attachment to her person - so that other women envied her. Another need he was promising - a kind of far-sighted contribution. There is a category of women who throw themselves on his father's money, his choice, not thinking about what dad will grow old and someday die, and his blood completely adapted for independent living, and finances have come to an end. But there are ladies who choose may not be rich, but shrewd men who have big plans for the future and able to implement them.

Some find the perfect men in movies and inconsolably for him sigh, dreaming of familiarity, but it is worth remembering that this is only a picture that is significantly different from reality. Of course, no girl would not have refused a personal bond, so the man must be just the way it was done nature: strong, attentive, caring and able to fend not only for himself but for his family.

Advice 3: As like all the girls

There is a certain category of guys for whom girls are lining up, while others go unnoticed. Don't worry, if you fall into the second category. Liking girls can be easily earned if you know some secrets.
As like all the girls
First of all, if the female sex does not spoil you with their attention, look at their behavior. It is possible that you are too modest man and girls simply do not notice you. Of course, this does not mean that you should behave casually or over-confidently. Unnatural behavior always catches the eye, the girl will be enough to hold in your community for a couple of minutes to understand that you're not quite what you appear to be. Try to be yourself, but forget about their own shortcomings. Be confident, because guys like girls. Don't forget that ladies love with their ears. Compliment, often smile, be sincere.
All, without exception girls like guys with whom interesting to talk to. Success primarily depends on communication. Tell some interesting life stories about their Hobbies or travels. Maybe you have hidden talents? Tell us about them. Talking about everything, try not to be silent. To present information with humor, giving her some words in a joking tone. However, remember that almost all girls like to talk, so learn not only to speak but also to listen.
Be sure to pay attention to how you look. A person's appearance can both attract and repel. No special rules for this exists. Just be neat and clean-shaven, it is unlikely that a girl will like a sloppy, sweaty guy ashamed to show off to her friends. By the way, you have to win and their location, because all the girls listen to the opinion of friends.
Don't be a cheapskate! Know that girls love generous guys. Give them romantic gifts. Of course, this does not mean to buy expensive things, any little thing would be nice. On a first date be sure to come with a bouquet of flowers. Most importantly, the girl felt your attention. Even if the generosity is not peculiar to you, try to seem so, to be able to make a good attitude the opposite sex. Subsequently, girls will see this and your other talents, but the first impression is most important and it determines whether to develop further relationships. Remembering these tips and applying them in practice, you will surely conquer all girls on Earth.

Advice 4: As a girl prepare for sex

Sex girls often are treated as present sacrament which requires some training. Really don't worry if you feel that you are ready to engage in sex with a loved one. However, it is worth to consider some points.
As a girl prepare for sex
Think well whether you really want to engage in sexual relations with a man? If you are not sure that you love him and will together in the future, you should not denigrate yourself. Some men try to seize the woman by cunning, not planning with her long-term relationship. Better to wait a while and study the man carefully before giving it.
Observe daily intimate hygiene. Wash your external genitals and wear clean underwear. In addition, shortly before the expected sexual intercourse should be waxing the bikini area. Most men do not like the presence of girls hair in this area.
Choose where and under what conditions you will be engaged in with the man love. If you want it to be beautiful and romantic, you can ask the man to book a hotel room and decorate it. Will fit candles, rose petals, your photos in beautiful frames, air freshener with a tantalizing aroma, etc. it is Better to ask men, where you will spend your romantic night, and if he had no suitable ideas, offer him your options for yourself.
Prepare contraceptives. Grab the purse 1-2 a condom in case they will not be men. Do not drink alcohol, even if you think that this will help to overcome fear and make you more relaxed. So you can only feel bad at an important moment.
Take a shower and put on new beautiful lingerie right before a sexual act. You can also apply a drop of toilet water in the pubic area. Do not rush to attack the man and not let him to do the same. It is better to start to make love slowly, enjoying the solitude and caressing each other. In addition, you will be able to relax and after that to grant a man the right to act.
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