Cons long sex

If you take into account that is intercourse without foreplay, the views of many women about the slowness of what is happening is similar: boring, tedious, physically difficult and sometimes even painful. The first reason for this assessment is the monotony of the partner's actions, however, it is not the main.

The other important factor for getting the excitement and satisfaction is the apparent pleasure of a partner. That is, if the young person from time to time for a long period of time can not achieve orgasm, a woman will be is a cause for concern and instead of relaxing she starts to think why this is happening and if she is to blame.

Women's arousal is very different from the male by its gradual, increase. If a man did not care about enough time on foreplay, then long after sex can cause pain or simply cause boredom and fatigue of the partner, and the inability for her the logical conclusion of the process.

Another reason why many women believe that quality is far preferable to the duration of sexual intercourse, the mechanics of the female orgasm. Not every partner is able to experience vaginal orgasm, many need constant stimulation of the clitoral area and the front wall of the vagina, which probably is not in any position. Accordingly, the long act in those positions will be for women are not more than physical exercise, and not always pleasant.
Surveys of women have found that ideal for their duration of sex is 10 minutes and duration more than 20 minutes is not for everyone.

If a girl has reached the finish line in the middle of having sex, it is not necessary to tighten it. Not all of it gives a pleasant feeling directly after orgasm, arousal decreases. And the need for women to continue to take active steps and show you how she likes what is happening, and not just relaxed looking at the ceiling, sometimes tiring her.

What girls like

In fact, not the duration of sexual intercourse is the main criterion of pleasure, and sufficient training to sex by foreplay. Over time, for example, a woman adapts to a long-term partner to have an orgasm so much easier and faster due to the fact that the partner of a well-studied her body and erogenous zones, and she behaves more actively and openly in the vicinity.

For men long intercourse is usually a reason for pride. And well, if a woman shares his enthusiasm. But the sexual preferences of every individual, and no stats don't tell you about it better than do it yourself.
Sexologists proved that the average time to achieve orgasm in men for 2 minutes, and women - 12 minutes at the targeted stimulation of the erogenous zones.
But, unfortunately, many continue to be silent too prolonged, or Vice versa, the short process, so as not to offend the partner. Confidence and ability to talk about difficult topics will help you better understand your other half and find the best answer to the question, how much time it is enough.