What is sperm and why is it necessary?

Semen is a waste product of the male body produced in the testes, prostate and the Cooper gland and glands of the urethra. Thanks to the sperm, which in a single drop contains a huge quantity, fertilization of the female egg and the emergence of new life.

Its composition is represented by seminal fluid and cellular elements – leukocytes, sperm and epithelial cells. Non-cellular elements, presents a variety of inclusions, secreted by glands.
The number and density of sperm, you can determine how long ago a man had intercourse. If you have allocated a lot of thick sperm, so the last intercourse he had at least a week ago.

The problem of oral sex, or what to do with sperm

Blowjob is oral sex of the male penis, the logical conclusion of which should lead to ejaculation. But what to do with the result of his "work" women do, or misunderstood, or just pretend, afraid to show her.

Whatever it was, and the man wants to end a closeness in a natural way. And at the crucial moment he does not allow the partner to move away, trying to bring the case to the end.

Does a woman have to swallow the seed is up to her. If the partner this activity brings pleasure, it may be useful for her in terms of future relations. So it shows a high degree of confidence to her man and wins him.

How the body will react, if you regularly swallow the ejaculate?

A useful result of the swallowing of semen could be the strengthening of the gums. Thanks to the content of zinc and of calcium and strengthens tooth enamel. If you regularly drink a small amount, you can reduce the risk of tooth decay.

What is more useful seminal fluid to the female body, is the content of prostaglandins, stimulating the production of estrogen. Beautiful shape and volume of the Breasts, good skin and hair – all the results of the use of semen in large quantity.

Considering the medical aspect of ingestion of this biological fluid, it is worth noting the importance of the female body dose male DNA. If a couple in the future, think about the offspring from the fertilized eggs will be more likely to settle down in the uterus. This is due to the habit of body of the future mother to alien proteins.
The taste of semen changes depending on the food. If man eating salty and smoked foods, drinking alcohol, Smoking before sex, get ready for a serving of salty. And sweeten it help fruit and pastries.

How bad to swallow sperm?

To taste the forbidden fruit of the loins of the unfamiliar sexually men are not worth it. Due to the risk of Contracting sexually transmitted diseases, oral pleasures need to indulge with a condom or avoid them altogether.

On the women's stomach the negative impact sperm has not, as many people think. Its calorie content is negligible and in the range of from 4 to 15 calories per 100 g. the amount of protein one serving of semen can be compared with the protein one large chicken egg.

But an allergic reaction after oral sex in women may occur. And although this is a rarity, knowledge of its main features will not be superfluous. For example, if after swallowing a large number of sperm, their partner has itchy skin, vomiting or having asthma attacks, there is an allergic reaction to the use of this biological product.