A little about the clitoris

Not everyone knows about it, but the head of the clitoris contains a large number of nerve endings, and their order of magnitude greater than in the head of the penis. This is the most sensitive organ in a woman's body. As it is covered with mucosa, needs special tenderness. Therefore, to caress the clitoris with caution, avoiding too sharp or vigorous movements.

What not to do

Never attempt to caress the clitoris with dry fingers or dry language. Lubricant is needed, without it the touch will be unpleasant, and even painful. Perhaps it is better not to touch the clitoris with your fingers, especially if the skin on them is quite rough. Instead, try touch through the clitoral hood is the tissue that covers the bump naturally.

Don't try and apply pressure to the clitoris or pinching it. The sensitivity of the clitoris so high that it will be very painful!

Technique to caress the clitoris

You should start with foreplay. To do this, place the palm on the woman's genitals, then lightly stroking them and caress the labia and perineum.
It is not necessary to proceed directly to the caresses of the clitoris without any foreplay. You should do this when the girl is excited, and stood out some lube.

You can then proceed to the main action, finding the right place. The clitoris is located at the base of the labia majora. If, during the weasel language you lose it, the girl herself will help you find moving the hips.

Try first to move the tongue around, stroke clitoral hood, not forgetting about the grease. You can then begin a careful rotary motion, carefully moving closer. Proceed very gently, this is not the place on which it is possible to passionately lash out. Try to feel your partner, making a gentle, barely noticeable and very light touch. This is a very sensual caress, and at the same time you will quickly realize that she feels. The ability to caress the clitoris girl is due primarily not with your sexual technique, and how you feel partner.
According to studies, about 30% of women do not know how to caress the clitoris.

If you are experimenting with the caress of the clitoris themselves, the rules are very similar. Do not attempt to reach orgasm, heading directly to the goal. Think of something pleasant, a little excited even before you send your fingers to your Clit. Nipples for many women are an erogenous zone that can be stimulated independently to achieve a desired phase excitation. Remember about grease, your finger should be wet. For those that don't feel confidence, it may be advisable to find a video which explains in detail what to do.