The word "reverent" literally can be interpreted as "exciting". It is a certain shyness in relation to another person, his feelings and experiences. With timidity, not as a synonym of fear, but rather respect for the personal space, the fear to disappoint. More widely reverent attitude can be understood as a concern, some exalted love object over the other. Often this perception of the partner prevails in the first weeks or months of the relationship, when taking so-called "honeymoon" period.

As a rule, reverent attitude, and not just tenderness and a desire to care, call to her girls. Historically, what they see as a high ideal, Muse, lady. This was particularly evident in the days of chivalry, when men devoted to a beautiful lady poems and deeds, not daring even to touch it. However, on the present relation of the knights to this question will not tell nobody, but diverse historical novels support this theme in the same key.

With the advent of equality and the flourishing of the feminist movement, the high ideal has lost its former position, but nurtured by many years the attitude to women as weak and fragile to being strong so far. Not only in men's minds. That is why women for so long I remember not given flowers and not open time the door before them: sometimes, if not always, almost every want of a reverent attitude.

It is logical that the longer partners communicate, the more you get to know each other, the less their life together the mystery and mystique are hardly the key element of "trepidation". But at this stage a genuine concern, support and no attempt to compare the partner with others give a similar effect. A reverent attitude – perception partner ideal. And it concerns not only the behavior of men against women. Strong floor care and admiration need no less.

An element of trepidation in the relationship is almost similar to romance. Diluting them in everyday life, suddenly making nice compliments from the heart, it is possible to make it brighter, more harmonious, more interesting. Reverent attitude enables the woman feel like a Princess, and a male knight. Of course, even in this, one should know moderation, so as not to "spoil" partner by making him an egoist and a despot.