Warm hands before you start the body of a woman. Cold hands on the skin are not exciting, and sobering. Moreover, when the cold men's fingers are on the women's clitoris.
Be gentle, especially with women's Breasts. Do not pull it down, twist the nipples. Palm stroking the breast from the bottom up. The nipples are cast, and gently fumble with your fingers, you can gently caress the tip of his tongue.
On a woman's body has lots of erogenous spots. Caress with massage oil or simply warm gentle hands, lips area under the knees, the elbow, wrist, abdomen, waist. Spend those points with a strong feather, bought in a sex shop for intimate games.
Pat the Frank and stimulating female body part – the clitoris, tucked under womens buttocks a small pillow. Never dig in to voluptuous tubercle of the tongue and lips, with the force pulling it in. It's very painful.
Movement of the tongue on the clitoris, start very gently, tenderly. Of these, preferable circular in the same way, with the same rhythm. Gradually increase movement of the tongue in the clitoral area, but watch carefully for signals from the female body, whether it is partner. Experienced one man caresses the tongue and lips can bring a woman to orgasm. Just not necessary at the moment of cunnilingus to keep an eye out for a woman's face. It's not a pleasant sight for her when she is given to passion.