Oral sex is a very sensitive issue for some girls. The already shy, they often prefer to say that I do not like these kind of foreplay, but would not appear before a partner in an awkward way. Women may fear that you smell bad or there's not enough clean. If your girl does not want to agree to oral sex, try doing it immediately after a shower.

Start with foreplay. A woman can receive pleasure, she needs to relax and trust you. Kiss her, then go to caress neck and Breasts, gradually sinking lower. One should not hurry. Gentle and passionate kiss will help the partner to relax.
If you noticed that of your partner there is no grease, then proceed to the active affection of the perineum yet. When a girl is Horny enough, heavy petting can hurt her or seem like a tickle.

To caress the clitoris

The word "cunnilingus" in a literal translation from Latin means "licking the female genitalia", it should not be forgotten. However, their most sensitive part, which promises the maximum pleasure, it is the clitoris. Before you reach it, gently lick the outer lips of women who kiss them.

Then you need to find the clitoris. It is not too difficult! It is just below where the labia start. Small bump as soon as you "grope" his language, just understand it's the reaction of the partner.

The clitoris is a very delicate organ, and sensitive nerve endings in it much more than the head of a man's penis. Therefore, to be treated especially carefully. Even too intense caress with language can hurt a girl.

Relax your tongue to become soft. You can start to move them around, because around the clitoris is also very sensitive spots. Try to gently explore the clitoris, and if the girl hurt, you will notice that it is like trying to pull away from you. In this case, try petting through the clitoral hood and the folds of tissue that cover the clitoris – that the impact was softer.

From time to time go down to the vagina, not only will this give her additional pleasure, but also can be applied to the clitoris some lube. Her presence is very important, we can say that this is one of the determining factors of success. Be gentle and considerate, and fun will be delivered to the partner itself.

If a woman caresses your curves, and makes moans, and strives hips towards you, it means you are on the right track. If she flinched, it means you hurt her.
When you try, and the woman is not particularly responsive, it means that you are doing something wrong. Take other affection and ask her what she wants.

Additional points

It is very important to a girl during oral sex was convenient. It acquires a special importance if she is not too experienced and you clearly see that she is not very precisely know, how it is better. In this case, him laying on his back and legs put where it is convenient, you may put them on the back. To deliver the maximum effect will help a preliminary conversation on the topic of sex.

Do not forget to caress her arms, Breasts and other parts of the body. You can try at the same time to include in the game finger, thrusting it into her vagina. The most important thing is to observe how the girl behaves in response to your affection, this is the only way to bring her pleasure.