Advice 1: How to give a woman oral pleasure

Cunnilingus – the process is not so simple for many men. Right to caress the clitoris can not all representatives of the stronger sex. Even if you have no experience, do not worry: the main thing is the tenderness and attentiveness to the partner.
How to give a woman oral pleasure


Oral sex is a very sensitive issue for some girls. The already shy, they often prefer to say that I do not like these kind of foreplay, but would not appear before a partner in an awkward way. Women may fear that you smell bad or there's not enough clean. If your girl does not want to agree to oral sex, try doing it immediately after a shower.

Start with foreplay. A woman can receive pleasure, she needs to relax and trust you. Kiss her, then go to caress neck and Breasts, gradually sinking lower. One should not hurry. Gentle and passionate kiss will help the partner to relax.
If you noticed that of your partner there is no grease, then proceed to the active affection of the perineum yet. When a girl is Horny enough, heavy petting can hurt her or seem like a tickle.

To caress the clitoris

The word "cunnilingus" in a literal translation from Latin means "licking the female genitalia", it should not be forgotten. However, their most sensitive part, which promises the maximum pleasure, it is the clitoris. Before you reach it, gently lick the outer lips of women who kiss them.

Then you need to find the clitoris. It is not too difficult! It is just below where the labia start. Small bump as soon as you "grope" his language, just understand it's the reaction of the partner.

The clitoris is a very delicate organ, and sensitive nerve endings in it much more than the head of a man's penis. Therefore, to be treated especially carefully. Even too intense caress with language can hurt a girl.

Relax your tongue to become soft. You can start to move them around, because around the clitoris is also very sensitive spots. Try to gently explore the clitoris, and if the girl hurt, you will notice that it is like trying to pull away from you. In this case, try petting through the clitoral hood and the folds of tissue that cover the clitoris – that the impact was softer.

From time to time go down to the vagina, not only will this give her additional pleasure, but also can be applied to the clitoris some lube. Her presence is very important, we can say that this is one of the determining factors of success. Be gentle and considerate, and fun will be delivered to the partner itself.

If a woman caresses your curves, and makes moans, and strives hips towards you, it means you are on the right track. If she flinched, it means you hurt her.
When you try, and the woman is not particularly responsive, it means that you are doing something wrong. Take other affection and ask her what she wants.

Additional points

It is very important to a girl during oral sex was convenient. It acquires a special importance if she is not too experienced and you clearly see that she is not very precisely know, how it is better. In this case, him laying on his back and legs put where it is convenient, you may put them on the back. To deliver the maximum effect will help a preliminary conversation on the topic of sex.

Do not forget to caress her arms, Breasts and other parts of the body. You can try at the same time to include in the game finger, thrusting it into her vagina. The most important thing is to observe how the girl behaves in response to your affection, this is the only way to bring her pleasure.

Advice 2: How to fondle a woman

This question would like to answer a millions of men who want to see their women in bed excited, satisfied and happy. Foreplay is an integral part of the love game, the men in order to excite a woman and get maximum enjoyment from the whole process for both partners.
How to fondle a woman
Warm hands before you start the body of a woman. Cold hands on the skin are not exciting, and sobering. Moreover, when the cold men's fingers are on the women's clitoris.
Be gentle, especially with women's Breasts. Do not pull it down, twist the nipples. Palm stroking the breast from the bottom up. The nipples are cast, and gently fumble with your fingers, you can gently caress the tip of his tongue.
On a woman's body has lots of erogenous spots. Caress with massage oil or simply warm gentle hands, lips area under the knees, the elbow, wrist, abdomen, waist. Spend those points with a strong feather, bought in a sex shop for intimate games.
Pat the Frank and stimulating female body part – the clitoris, tucked under womens buttocks a small pillow. Never dig in to voluptuous tubercle of the tongue and lips, with the force pulling it in. It's very painful.
Movement of the tongue on the clitoris, start very gently, tenderly. Of these, preferable circular in the same way, with the same rhythm. Gradually increase movement of the tongue in the clitoral area, but watch carefully for signals from the female body, whether it is partner. Experienced one man caresses the tongue and lips can bring a woman to orgasm. Just not necessary at the moment of cunnilingus to keep an eye out for a woman's face. It's not a pleasant sight for her when she is given to passion.
Arousal in women occurs much later than in men. Because a man should control his feelings, emotions and to focus his attention on the woman until she reaches the peak of desire.
Useful advice
Take a shower with careful hygiene of the sexual organs before proceeding to the caresses of the woman. Unpleasant smell from the male body will not allow the woman to focus on the excitement. To hygienic procedures before sex also includes the processing of nails on hands. They should not be callus, hangnail, too sharp protrusions that can injure the delicate female skin.

Advice 3: What is oral sex

At present, sexual relations between people are at a level that you can feel free to practice all kinds of sex. Perhaps one of the most intriguing and alluring are oral sex.
What is oral sex

Ancient sex

In General, oral sex is a form of sex in which the partners caress each other tongues and lips. Interestingly, this kind of sex known since the days of Ancient Greece. Then it was considered a sign of aristocracy, who have noticed that, caressing each other's language, we can deliver much more pleasure than your fingers.

Oral pleasure incomparable power of the fun with nothing. It does not matter what part of the body will be exposed to, it is important, what is the purpose of caressing.

This kind of sex can be a good beginning of foreplay, this applies to both men and women. Caress of intimate places, and in General partner's body with tongue and lips contribute to the rapid excitation. According to sexologists, most women are not able to experience orgasm if they are deprived of oral sex.

Varieties of oral sex

Oral sex exists in two forms. Cunnilingus – when a man's tongue and lips caressing female genitals, and fellucia – on the contrary. It is worth saying that in a society still largely exist stereotypes that impose bans on intimate relationships of this kind. Often women are embarrassed and don't allow the partner to caress them "out there", considering it something unclean and obscene. However, it should be remembered that the genitals of a healthy well-groomed woman may not disgust men. On the contrary, the natural scent of a woman it will only excite.

On the other hand, some men don't want to make cunnilingus to a woman for the same reasons, although they do not refuse oral sex. Such alliances are short-lived and can fall apart because of imposed stereotypes and unwillingness to meet each other.

Despite the fact that oral sex loved by all men, without exception, the woman should know that it is not necessary to proceed immediately to stimulation of the penis by mouth. First, you need to kiss your partner in the neck, behind the ears, caress the tongue nipples. But many women do not even think how men's nipples can be sensitive, considering it a sign of female sexuality. Only after the partner is sufficiently excited, you go to the inner thighs, the scrotum, the testicles and the penis. In relation to the male sexual organ the mouth movement women can be suck, licking, etc. the Main thing is to ensure not to touch the flesh with your teeth.

Also men do not immediately attached his lips to the clitoris. In oral caresses, the rule top-down.

Advice 4: Why do men love oral sex

Oral sex is kissing and petting the language of the intimate areas of each other. The presence of oral sex in sexual life involves a higher degree of trust between sexual partners. For men the ability of women to satisfy their needs in oral caresses is almost aerobatics in sex. Before embarking on the experiments, it is important to understand the causes of male love in such pleasure.
Why do men love oral sex
According to surveys of men's magazines more than 80% of the fans of caresses below the navel are men with open head of the penis. This is explained by the increased sensitivity of the delicate skin of the glans. In addition, the temperature and humidity in the oral cavity always at the right level, and the bottom the woman can not manage to get aroused. Vaginal dryness don't like women (because the movement of the member causes unpleasant friction), and men. For the latter, this is equivalent to putting its body in a paper bag.

One of the reasons love to oral sex men call women's activity during a Blowjob. After all, classic sex, according to them, the lion's share of activity falls on the shoulders of men. And then the woman takes the initiative in their own hands and doing things that could raise man to the top of bliss without any advances on his part.

Men consider their sexual organ as its main instrument in the performance of sexual symphonies, and the ability of women to be able to bring the whole orchestra to a high level. Oral sex for a strong half of mankind still that the recognition of woman world domination of men.

A woman who is able to deliver sexual joy oral way, shows that fully trusts the man and not disdain anything. A woman wants respect, to be on hand and give a response of pleasure in a huge amount.

What to do if a woman is shy about oral sex? Above all, do not force yourself. It happens that the high threshold of the gag reflex does not allow women to enter anything deeply in the mouth, where the tongue ends. Physiological discharge from the male member when excited can also cause unpleasant taste sensations.

However, there is a solution - this is a permanent training and the use of flavoring compounds. You should buy any size Dildo at the toy store for adults and practice on it.

And to deceive the taste buds during oral sex can help the whipped cream. Pay attention to personal hygiene prior to the process. Apply cream to clean the sexual organ of the partner and start with a taste to lick them, gradually introducing the cock in her mouth.

Weasel language hiding place under the bridle of the open head of the penis (in the middle bottom of the head under the coronal sulcus is a kind encircling groove) is able to bring the strongest man to erection in a matter of seconds. So oral sex is most often used for sexual foreplay.

To throw oil on the fire of passion, some women oral caress before drinking a few SIPS of hot tea with milk. This increases temperature and humidity in the mouth. Learn different techniques of oral sex, don't be afraid to experiment, and soon in the eyes of men you will look like a goddess, or a Japanese geisha. As you like.

Advice 5: How to persuade a woman to oral sex

Oral sex is a great way to diversify sexual relations and to please the partner an unforgettable pleasure. Unfortunately, not all ladies are willing to agree to this kind of lovemaking. Reasons for refusal may be as education, disgust, distrust of the partner, and previous negative experience. But there is good news: it is fixable, enough patience and persistence.
Oral sex should bring mutual pleasure
Go to the selection of time and place thoroughly, extreme better to reserve for another time. A glass of good red wine or champagne will help you relax and create a playful mood. In advance, pick up a film of erotic content, where there is a beautiful scene of oral sex. Forget about traditional porn. If your partner is inexperienced or does not accept kisses "there", you run the risk of rejection reaction and spoiled evening.
Proceed first. Showering the whole body of your partner with kisses in the process of foreplay, gradually come down. Reaching the goal, caress her tongue. Be very careful, do not force, do not make rough movements. Make every effort to bring partner to ecstasy. The pleasure did not leave her indifferent. She will want to thank you. You can also try the pose "69". The result is guaranteed.
Do not beg. However, to show excessive brutality, too, to anything. Better stimulating whisper to say something like "take it in the mouth." Happened? Great. Do not be silent, as guerrillas, encourage your partner with moans and sighs let her know that you are well. When something is wrong, please refrain from verbal criticism. You can step back for a few seconds, and the partner is likely to immediately notice and correct his mistake.
Give control of the situation, or at least its visibility to the partner. Don't try to dominate and bring into reality everything that came on the Internet in the category "XXX" if you don't want to scare her off. Just close your eyes and surrender to the pleasure.
At the conclusion of oral sex thank partner a sweet kiss. Do not try to hint to her the need to brush my teeth, otherwise accomplished oral sex with her will be your last. Better to be gallant and get her a glass of water, wet wipes or anything else that may be necessary.
The partner should be warned about approaching the finish line and give her a choice, to swallow the ejaculate, or take it to the body/face. Do not make any surprises, the deal could easily turn into a gag reflex and other unpleasant consequences.
Useful advice
Certainly before sex take a shower. Use the gel with a fruity aroma. To bed take edible oil or special jelly for oral sex. Both can be purchased in sex shops.
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